Tuesday, August 2, 2011

em's birthday

disclaimer:  I don't do birthday shout outs very often.  Actually, I hardly ever do them.  Sometimes I feel like if I do one I should do a shout out for every birthday---but alas, I'm not that wonderful.  But, I had the perfect equation (vacation + parent's computer + kids asleep = blog post in honor of my dear sister).  So, let's get onto the main event.

Today is my sister's birthday.  Which sister?  Emily.  
She is so great and I am lucky that I got to spend a few days with her last week.  
She lives so far away in a land called BOSTON, and I live in the far away land of Texas---but for a few days we got to hang out in Utah We Love Thee.  It was lovely.

A few words that come to mind when I think of Emily:
brave, happy, strong, thoughtful, resilient, generous, teacher, spiritual, friend, and good to the core.
those are just a FEW of the things that come to my mind when I think of my sweet sister.

I hope her day is fabulous. 

(here are a few gems I found of the birthday girl.  enjoy.)

darling darling em.

look at that face!?! SO cute.  Love she's holding a CareBear.  And, who didn't love wearing sponge curlers at night?!  

i love everything about this picture.  pure darling.

baby me, em, jesse when we lived in hong kong

jesse, me, emmer (do you love how creative my mom is with our jams!?! amazing.
Fun Fact:tillie currently is wearing the same ensamble with the bear peeking out of the pockets.  It's STILL in great condition. 
Now let's see what a beautiful grown up gal she has become...  

this is em at my bfa final show back in 2006. 
this is her at a summer camp for girls in NY she helped with one summer.  It was right before she found out she had cancer.  I have no clue who that girl is next to her, but look how genuinely happy that Emily is.  Love it.

Em and Becca visiting me in good ol' San Antone.  Everyone has fun on the Riverwalk, duh!
craft night in the Snyder home.  (yes my mom made that quilt in the background, amazing.)  Here's the thing, Em always complained that she wasn't crafty.  Liar.  She has as much crafty-craftiness in her body as the rest of us and finally is tapping into it!  Three Cheers for Em!
happy close up shot of the craft night gal mentioned above.

I have NO idea who this guy is and why he's dressed up on a horse in the middle of winter (perhaps a Nativity story?), but Em and Lizzy look super cute in their winter garb.  
speaking of Winter, this was taken LAST winter in Utah.  During Christmas time.  At wonderful Cafe Rio.  We are happy together.  Obviously.  Good times.
Again, I have no idea who this other lady is, but I think Emily looks amazing.  Em was asked to speak at BYU's Women's Conference.  yes, she is that awesome.  And, I'm awesome by association.  Look at how beautiful Emily is!
one last one. This is the photo I chose to blow up poster size in my parent's family room.  It's legit, real, and happy Emily and I love this shot.  But more, I love this girl. 

 happy birthday, em.


emily snyder said...

wow wow wow.
do you realize that you posted this at 3:33 AM (why were you all up!?!?)? and that today is my 33rd b-day?? crazy. :)

thank you a million trillion times over. i was bawling at work reading the fam's messages. it means the world to me. i hope you know it.

LOVE, me

Laura said...

Melissa, I was waiting to see a horrible picture with me in it, get right on that:) Emily, you are the best and I cannot believe that I get to actually say you are one of my greatest friends. I knew when I met you that you were amazing and I was so right! I hope you are having a fabulous day and I really hope that I can come hang out with you again soon. I love you!!

ellen said...

Great photos of the great birthday gal!


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