Friday, October 8, 2010

Calvin at 9 months!

This boy is a treat.  We love him.  His 8.5 month stats (those dr. appointments never line up with the right time) but he's 22 pounds even.  32 inches.  75% in weight, 97% in height.  This is the first time since the beginning of his life he wasn't at the 90+ percentile in weight.  He's just starting to do a TRUE CRAWL!  On all four limbs, even!  His preferred method for getting around is still the infamous ARMY CRAWL, but he's getting the hang of true crawling, now.  He's totally pulling himself up on things like little stools.  Can sit up from laying down position (did that at 8 months).  He's a clapper and loves it.  And wearing 18 month clothing.  He's getting crazy old and big!

If you want to see A TON of photos, you're in luck.  We've got a few to show from his 9 month shoot at our favorite location, our front yard. 

it's amazing how big he can open up his mouth! hA! i love it!

love that profile.
caught him in the act of a SNEEZE!


Perhaps it was a Calvin overload, but we are due for one of those.  Man, we sure love this kiddo.

1 comment:

Rebecca Snyder said...

the roomies and I took a break from studying to look at everyone of those calvin shots. darling boy.


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