Tuesday, October 19, 2010

movie moments and other random thoughts

yes, that's right. I've got a lot on my mind.

- - - 
I don't know what the proper term is/should be called, but I decided to call it a "movie moment".  I'm sure you've had plenty of them in your lifetime.  What is it?  It's when you are driving, or in the kitchen, or where ever, and you feel like this very moment in time should be in a movie---because it is THAT perfect. For me, lots of those times are accompanied by a really great song in the background.  This is a real movie moment that popped into my brain.
I am sure you have had times like that.  I think you should try hard to remember.  Then, write it down.

I was lucky to have a few of those this past weekend when I went to Boston with my favorite son (Cal) and favorite mom (denise) and favorite sisters.  Hopefully, more on that later.

- - -
One day I'll post more pictures when I can figure out how to delete half of the junk on my hard drive (seriously, I have OLD (we're talking circa 2004, people) adobe illustrator files taking up WAYYY too much storage space). 

- - -
There is no day too hard that Papa John can't fix.  That's my motto.
If you don't know my other favorite Papa, you should meet him.
My first favorite "Papa" is this one.
(I don't know what I love more about this picture.  Becca cracking up with flared nostrils or my dad "peeking" over the sofa. Good times.  Good times.)

After that Papa, this one is next.
Thanks, Papa John, for having Marvelous Monday (I totally made that name up. But, I'd enjoy it if you called your local establishment and asked them about "marvelous monday pricing" thanks in advance).  $5.99 for a large one topping pizza.  Thank you, from the bottom of my belly.

After a long long long long long long (did I mention it was a LONG?) day of being on an airplane, I had zero motivation to "cook" (when do I ever?) so I put the kids in the car (suitcases still there too. TMI?), Tillie wanted the windows down, and we drove happily to Papa Johns.  Perfect 82 degree Texas weather.  Country music blaring.  Tillie was humoring me and doing fist pumps to the beat in the back seat... Sigh.  Reunited and it feels so good!  THAT was a movie moment for me.

- - -
The stomach flu blows. Big time.  Tillie caught the bug at church last Sunday in nursery, then lovingly bestowed it to Calvin the DAY WE FLEW TO BOSTON.  Poor boy was throwing up the entire weekend.  Man, if he was having "liquid issues" before, he was having them even more while we were away.  He really didn't want to eat/drink anything.  Boo.  It was sad for him. Sad for his mom. Sad for his aunties. And sad for his nana.  Especially when dear Nana caught the bug and was throwing up all night.  Did I mention they had to leave to the airport at 3:30a.m.?  Talk about un-restful night's sleep. 

- - -
Don't get upset, mad, or offended about this next comment.  It's okay if you are into it.  I still like you.  But, I am not really into Halloween.  It just doesn't jive with me.  Okay, maybe it's because I'm a scare-dee-cat (how do you even spell that word?).  Maybe it's because I don't like the idea of having a party and pretending that there are witches fingers in the punch.  Gross.  However, I am a fan of cute pumpkins, fun and happy decorations, dressing up little bodies in costume, and the idea of going out to a farm sounds charming and lovely.  But, I just can't get on board with decorating and celebrating things that terrify me.

We went on a walk in the neighborhood the other night, and it was an eye opening experience.  A lot of people had those blow up toys on their lawn (which I actually think are quite fun and hope to one day have a lawn chuck full of them)---but one house had a really creepy looking black cat with devil eyes.  Tillie in her darling 2.5 year old innocence asked, "Mom, is that a cat??" I didn't even know how to respond.  It's like no cat I've ever seen.  And, frankly, I don't like the idea of this image to replace the darling little kitten image from her books.  It's things like this I don't want to deal with.
Oh, and another favorite was when we passed by another neighbor down the street.  They had put a fake body in their upstairs window and they put a scary hockey mask on him and a glowing green light in the background.  If that doesn't freak me out, I don't know what does.  And, honestly, do I want sweet Tillie to EVER see that image?  Uh, no-ooo!

So, honestly, I could skip this holiday overall---but I do like candy.  I do like putting ridiculous things on my children.  And, I love the look of pumpkins.  So, take that, put it in your pipe and smoke it.

- - -
Speaking of lame phrases, my mom is the QUEEN of random colloquialisms.  Cliche's.  Whatever you want to call them.  Every time I'm with her I hear a new one.  Like, while we were in Concord, MA and the lady at Fritz and Gigi (oh yes I just posted the actual children's clothing store name) literally PUSHED us out the door and said, "We are closed. You need to leave now."  ?!?!  We were pleasant customers "Oohing and Ahhing" over the adorable things they had.  I even thought about purchasing some little tights for Tillie.  Not one remark was made (although we wanted to) about how expensive everything was... we were kind and lovely, in my opinion.  Anyway, we were quite taken aback that the lady shoved us out.

As we were walking to our car, my mom said, "Well, I'd like to know who is buttering the other side of her bread?!" or something like that.  It was hilarious.  And, I was like, "uhh... what did you just say?"  It was a moment.  Maybe not a "movie moment" but, rather, a funny moment.  Gotta love denise and her phrases.

- - -
Packing stinks.  Having to think through every single thing you might need while you are away is hard.  Basically, I'm saying this: thinking=hard.
Unpacking isn't too fun either, b/c then you have to wash everything.  In this case, unpacking stinks, literally, b/c remember how Calvin didn't feel too hot on this trip?  Oh boy.  I gotta gear up.

Help us, OxyClean. Help us today.

- - -
On one last note, no day is too hard that Papa John can't fix. with leftovers.

Looks like we'll make it.
Thanks, Papa.


Heather said...

i'm with you on the halloween thing. i like autumn decorations... but icky halloween stuff is not my thing. this house in our neighborhood has the grossest decorations of all time and i'm completely baffled as to why they would spend money on hundreds of icky things. sigh... what to do? hope the papa johns and oxyclean help the week improve.

Jordan and Jandee said...

You have so many one-liners in this post I was lovin' it, my favorite is "put that in your pipe and smoke it," which I say periodically to JOrdan and he always gives me a weird look afterward, but I keep saying it anyway because its a great saying right?

Oh yes and we are wishing you would be here for Halloween because perhaps we could convert you to the holiday -- we get together with the Alpine crew and have fondu and play games. Cheese and games may be nirvana for me :)

The Girl said...

I love it. I am glad you had the time to humor us after just getting home from a trip! So many funny parts. Thanks for the laugh.

And I totally agree about Halloween. I have never been a fan.

I can't wait to hear about Boston. It was probably hard to come back to see San Antonio after the beauty of back east!

Welcome home!

Becker said...

Amen. Halloween to me=dressing up the kiddos, candy and pumpkins carved as Elmo and the like. No freakies/scaries for me, please. Also agreed with packing/unpacking, though I find the thinking portion of packing more difficult. And finally, I may have to indulge in a little marvelous Monday every now and again. :)

Kel said...

You crack me up!!!! I didn't even know you two were gone. I was wondering where you were. I hate that freaky thing in that window down the street. Freaks me out every year. The house next to that one does a strobe light Jason on Halloween. I stay inside and hand out pretzels. Yes, I said pretzels and I am the neighbor that doesn't hand out candy. Hey us teachers don't like candy on Monday!!! I got that fantastic stomach bug too and ended up coming home on Monday after humiliating myself in front of my class with projectile vomit. nice!!! Glad you're home safe and feeling better.

Rebecca Snyder said...

I am not afraid to say it. I think Halloween is evil. If I could choose one holiday to get rid of, it would be Halloween. You could still dress kids up and eat pumpkin flavored things but the haunted stuff would all be omitted.
My question- what did you actually say back to Matilda to explain the cat?

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

Melissa I just have to say how much I absolutely LOVE reading your posts! I love the way you think, the way you write and how real you are when you do it. LOVE IT! Honestly I wish I had gotten to know you better before you guys moved on to bigger and better things. It's funny because Scott has this absolutely amazing relationship with all the husbands of the group and I think it is unfair I didn't get to know the wives! There I said it. Great Post!

Hannah said...

I DO like Halloween. I love bobbing for apples and eating yummy pumpkin chocolate chip bread. However...I totally agree with you on the gore. My neighborhood...it a bit over the top. (A LOT over the top, actually.) People drive through it to see the decorations all the time. We are the one lame house. I own zero Halloween decorations. I don't like to adorn my house with scary, bloody things. I don't find it cute or fun. My husband says I'm a party pooper, so I bought some pumpkins. Thats all I'm doing.


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