Monday, October 25, 2010

in my 26 years, I've learned a few things.

It's true.  I've learned a few life lessons in my long 26 years.  In case you are struggling or need a pick me up, here are a few ideas that might make you feel better:
1. Take a shower.  Showers are not over rated.  They automatically make you feel 87% more on top of life.  Living life in your pajamas isn't rad.  Actually it is sad... especially when you have an unexpected visitor.  (I have no personal experience here. oh wait...)
2. Try brushing your teeth.  Another simple act that will always make you feel better.  I promise, my dentist husband didn't set me up to that one. 

3. Sometimes a little bit of chocolate can lift your spirits.  I'm sure there's a legit study on this to prove I am right.  In case you think you need to open up that bag of Halloween candy, remember that there is probably a bag of chocolate chips in your cupboard.  If you take 10 of them out, it might help your mood.  But remember, close the bag as soon as you've taken 10.  If you grab any more than that, you might start feeling regret (says the girl who may or may not have eaten 1/2 a bag over the last week).

4.  Pick up the clutter in your house.  You will be surprised what can happen to your mood if you turn the timer on for 20 minutes, turn on some pump-up music, and race against the clock.  You can accomplish a lot in 20 minutes.  I'd forgotten that concept and I remembered today.  It's amazing.

5.  Move your body.  I'm anti-gyms.  I feel like I have 10,000 other things I want to do rather than 1) pay a huge sum of money, 2) take the time to drive there and back, 3) sweat in front of other people.  Again, I don't mean to offend if you are PRO-gyms.  I still like you.  In fact, one of my sisters is PRO-gym, and I love her.  So, don't be mad, for heaven's sake.  I like the concept of work out videos that I can do on my own time, in my own space.  Or, I'm also a fan of getting outside and walking or trotting (for you anti-runners out there. let us unite!).  Regardless of what you do, if you're pro or anti, moving your body will make you feel better. 

So, there you have it.  Unsolicited advice from your neighborhood dweeb.  I'm still trying to remember these simple lessons, so don't think I'm a pro.  Trust me (or take it from my husband), I'm not.
And who says you don't get an education from blogging?
Happy Monday. 

p.s. I'm using my scanner more and more these days. so I thought I'd add a few "awe-inspiring" illustrations I did.  you're welcome.


emily snyder said...

love the inspiration. but especially love the illustrations.
sweating in front of people is better for me than not sweating at all. classes at a gym are my new fav - good pushing to keep going and yet, not someone who is out to get me - like a trainer!

can you send me pics from the weekend; our weekend??

Mark & Bek said...

So funny. I completely agree on all above.

a pair of pettijohns said...

very inspiring for those of us sitting on the our jammies. in my defense, i am BACK in my jammies after a long day of errands. get out of jail free card?

love those illustrations and the fact that you can make a toothbrush look SO cute and happy.

you = awesome

Russ and Nat said...

Nat the Gym Rat here - yes my friend I am a gym lover. Sadly I have not had a pass for a few years.....children tend to cramp that gym style for the moment. But you better believe I will be back....wha ha ha. And I have to agree with Emily - classes are the best! Don't worry though - Russell is a hater - maybe you Russell and Tony can do P90X together.....

BETH said...

Is that a skirt in the work out picture? Too funny.

kimmy girl said...

all really good advice. i learned...keep good friends in your life. like you. I got your present...and GIRL you are so so sos ossososoosososo sweet! thank you a billion times over, we love it!


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