Saturday, August 14, 2010

I know. I know.

So, I haven't been updating. I know. I know.
My oldest sister, Emily, just spent a lovely week here and we've been busy re-organizing (that's what happens A LOT here), painting furniture, having fun...

Oh, and did you know we went to Utah for the weekend a two weeks ago? Yes, my friends.

Real life has happened, thus BLOG life has been put on the back burner.

But I had to share this. Aaron sent me a link to this video, and I am just amazed. Yes, it kind of makes my stomach churn to see spiders and flies, but honestly, I was fascinated watching how a spider makes her web and how perfect it is! You will be amazed too.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes, feel free to watch. The hymn keeps running through my head, "For the beauty of the earth..." Man alive, pretty amazing stuff.


Becker said...

Um...I called you. Did you know that?

LinDsEy ShaUn said...

yes yes, i did watch that whole movie! :) ahah


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