Saturday, August 28, 2010

a different kind of check up.

Sometimes I get irked with "the system".

In case you think this post is going to be my soap box, well, it will. For a minute at least. And then, you can take some awesome advice and learn some great things. Like a mini college course. Pretend I'm the smart professor. PRETEND! (is it that hard?). Okay? Good enough preface? Great. So, we begin.

Why is there this weird stigma with people going to psychologists? I will confess, I've never been to one myself, but I've always wanted to go. I'm fascinated at the concept of a non-biased third-party interested (yes, b/c they are paid, but go with me) to listen to me talk, analyze it all, and give me advice. Hello? Is that not awesome, or what?

PLUS, they are legit and not your mom's crazy cousin with a poodle perm and long sparkly nails (Auntie Fran, I know what you're thinking... this person is made up).

I mean, why does no one raise their eye brows when you hear someone say, "Oh, I have to go to the doctor and get a physical..." or "I am having an eye exam..." but the second someone says, "Oh, I'm going to a psychologist today..." or "I'm having my emotions examined..." (okay, I know you've probably never heard someone say that last one, but you get my drift). Why does everyone get nervous? Why do they think you are weird? Maybe you are having, dare I say it, PROBLEMS? Who has those? Not me. Do you?

Are you picking up what I'm laying down? Anyway, I think it's lame. I think the stigma needs to change. I think it's healthy for people to analyze themselves and their situations--and then realize what your tendencies are, coping mechanisms, and other insightful information.

(yes, I found this via the world wide web. I wanted to add a picture so this post wasn't too "wordy". enjoy.
I gave it a little guffaw upon viewing.)

ENTER the activity that will change your life. True story, people. Aaron, of course, had taken this little personality test years ago. He's ahead of the curve, literally. Anyway, I'm sure all those years ago he asked me to take this little 72 question (fast) questionnaire. But, I probably didn't. Because I was young and lame like that. Now I'm a mature woman, mother of two, and eat trail mix without picking out only the M&M's---so it makes sense that I'd actually ACT on a good thing when I saw it.

Really, it only takes about 5 minutes to find out a million different things about you, your personality, and the way you do things. Here's the link: Click here. It's a PERSONALITY TEST. My sister, Becca, thought I should include that little tid-bit.

And no, no one is PAYING me to tell you about this. No one is asking me to REVIEW this for you. I'm just doing it because I'm nice and want to let my friends know. It's like you have your OWN MINI PSYCHOLOGIST in your pocket after you take this test and review the results.

Seriously. Aaron and I, literally, spent hours last night reading about ourselves (yes, we're vain like that) and kept saying over and over, "They NAILED it. That is you EXACTLY!"

***So, here's what you do.***
Go to that website (here it is again for you lazy ones who didn't think they needed to click on the link before) and take the test. I'm sure there are hundreds more like it, but this is the one we did and we were amazed at how true the results were.

**UPDATE, I think you should do the "keirsey" one SECOND and the "personality page" FIRST. read the next few lines and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Then, take the LETTERS that they give you and then do a GOOGLE search with those letters followed by the word "keirsey". The top search result is the one you should click on.

Then, if you want to read MORE about yourself, do ANOTHER GOOGLE search and enter in your same letters you received and then follow it up with the words "personality page". The top search result is the one you should click on.

Then read, read, read.

Then reel, reel, reel at how ridiculously crazy it all is that they get you. That someone has finally figured you out.

It's empowering. It's enlightening. And, I want every single person in our families to do it and then for them to let us know their "letters" so I can read more about them.

I think the best tool for creating lasting and HEALTHY relationships is by understanding one another. And, this is a great tool to do that. And, it's free. And, you don't have to get crazy looks from your friends and co-workers when you tell them that you're going to get your life looked at---or rather, a LIFE CHECK UP.
nice. I coined that. good one, melis.

So, do it. Tell your best friend to do it. Tell your family to do it. Your spouse. Your dog. Whomever.

Then, we'll re-convene here and find out what we learned.

Are you excited? I am too. Good luck.


Rebecca Snyder said...

ENFJ for me. Extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging. Very interesting. I have done a version of this test before but this one is better.

emilyhutchison said...

I also hate the stigma on going to therapy because you know what? Going to therapy is probably much healthier than bottling emotions up, in my opinion. I am the well adjusted/not depressed person I am today thanks to my psychologist. I loved this test.
Like Becca and Oprah I am ENFJ. I feel much better about putting a lot of money into grad school to become a teacher now that Keirsey let me know it's intuitive.

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

This is what I think about the "stigma"...and take it for what it's worth. Okay, here goes. I think there are a lot of people out there that don't want to understand themselves and are scared that someone or something (like a test) could tell them about themselves. Some figure they have lived with themselves for x amount of years and they don't understand it so who is some psychologist to tell them what they are like after an hour of listening to them.

So because some people think that way they look down on those that do go and try and have someone tell them what they think.

After reading your post...I think I agree with you but to be honest I think I have a little bit of the stigma in me as well. But on the other hand I LOVE taking those personality tests and seeing what they say because I think I am a little different every time I take them.

So yes...I will take your test and enjoy it hopefully! Thanks for the idea.



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