Tuesday, January 12, 2010

big boy calvin.

I thought you would want to see more pictures of this darling boy.

So, okay, I'll upload the 400+ photos that have been taken in the four short days of his life. :) Yes, that is why it has taken me a little while to blog about the event. Oh, and I have a big slice in my stomach, did I mention that? As you can imagine, it's a little slow going around these parts.

And, while we're talking about me being SLOW, I have to thank you all for the kind words you've given us via text messages, emails, calls, comments, etc. Sorry I haven't really responded to most of them, but I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your friendship! Little Calvin has been born into quite the supported team. So, THANK YOU a million trillion times over.

And, no, you won't get the whole 411 in this post, but I promise it will happen soon. Let's just take a look at a few more photos that took place in that glorious hospital. Seriously, it was a great experience. And, like last time, the FRENCH TOAST was glorious. I may or may not have ordered it for almost every meal while I was there.

But, just know, we are happy and healthy and amazed that little Cal-face is finally here. (FYI: Aaron was under the direction that he was not to post any crazy pictures of me in the last post (that's why it looks like he is a single dad) until I could approve, so now I'll let you see a few of my face too).

Matilda meets Calvin for the first time. Nana Nise there to adore as well. I love this one of my mom. Is that happiness or what?! Yes, she loves him too.

Nana doin' what she does best. Taking good care to keep his little head warm. She flew down last week and has been such a LIFE SAVER here! Thank heavens for awesome moms!!

Yes, I love little hats. And, obviously, Calvin does too. Look how happy he is that his mom found this on clearance! :)

People say his hair is all sorts of colors. I think it is strawberry blonde. Any thoughts? And, yes, he is THAT sweet in REAL life. Honestly. True story.

First shot with almost the whole family.

mom and baby boy.

is he too precious or what?!

some beautiful flowers my sweet friends brought to decorate the hospital room. aren't they happy?

ready to go home, but had to get a happy baby for the shot. I love how focused we are. Wow, good parents. hA!

ok, here's an okay one where I'm actually out of the hospital gown. It's amazing how loosey goosey those things are, but comfortable! Do I miss it? kind of.
Another note, it is funny how crouched Aaron's legs are on this one. And, do you love Cal's little outfit? Me too.

Calvin rockin' the car seat. Oh yes. Does his head look comfortable, or what?!

WE'RE ACTUALLY HOME now. Ahhh, I loved the hospital stay, and the assurance that all was well at my house with Tillie (thank you, mom!)--- and don't worry--- we spent the maximum amount of time there till they were ready to kick us out. But I love being H.O.M.E. I love it here.

What I love most is being able to see these two kiddos interact with each other (well, Tillie is the only "interactive one" at 20 months, but you catch my drift). I can't believe we finally get to put him in these teeny tiny clothes and put him in his little room... it is all pretty fabulous.

Here are a few more pictures to see what life's been like here at home.

so happy to be home too. see by his face?

Is it ironic that he was born on Elvis' birthday? I think not.

"Thank you. Thank you very much." (pretend Elvis AND Calvin are saying that together).

Tillie singing to him. He's loving it, obviously.
(and yes, that is some more cookie dough in her mini spoon. I told you we love it).

Tillie loves to wave to him. She does it a lot. I love it.

calmed down again.

me thinking, "let me just get a few more shots of you, withOUT the hat." Oops. He wasn't too happy about that plan.

one more, for good measure. Oh, and while you are MEASURING, let's take a look at that BIG BOY HAND. Just like his dad (and in more ways than one). Big feet, long toes, big hands, dimpled cheek, chunky weight, red hair---he's a mini Aaron alright. No wonder he shares his name.

Oh, and FYI on the name. Yes, I will call him CAL and CALVIN. Just like we have a few names for Matilda aka Tillie. Some of you think, "Would you just stick with ONE name?" But, to that I say simply, "no." Thanks for asking, though. I like both names (Cal and Calvin) equally and didn't want to have to choose (neither did Aaron). So, here we are. Don't be mad, because we are SO glad about it.

And there you have it for now. He is here. He is perfect. It is a miracle. We love him. I'm pretty positive he loves us too.

Good times, all around.

Much more to post, coming soon.


Rebecca Snyder said...

woot woot. love the close ups. can't wait until he tries out all his new clothes and the photo shoots that I am sure will occur.

Tyler and Erin said...

OK. Can I just say BEAUTIFUL baby!!! He is perfect. And by golly I love love love his hair color!!! OH and the hat and all the darling outfits. Just too cute. Hope you are healing fast.

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

LOVE the Elvis comments. only you! He is adorable. CONGRATS!!!!

Tim and Melissa said...

Yay! I love to see more pictures and I'm glad to hear you are home and all is well. What a little cutie!

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

That ain't no strawberry blonde hair that is RED RED RED! Hahaha, ok I am biased but it does look red to me. Also I am inpressed with how well that cute coming home outfit fit him, nothing fits brand new babies that well. Oh wait, as I was typing I remembered that this brand new baby was the same size Krieg was at 2 months, OK fine. Still though...SO cute. I love you and I look forward to talking to you more!

Katie said...

What a DOLL!

Aubrey said...

Adorable! I love the hair (and the cute hat). Hope everything continues to go well at home.

Kelsi said...

Oh my such a cute little (and name)!! These pictures are totally making me baby hungry..and his clothes, to die for! My dad, brother and grandpa are all named Calvin so my next son's middle name is most likely going to be Calvin. I love it!

azufelt said...

Congrats to you guys! He is so adorable! Cool that him and Elvis share a b-day! (Better than Austin and Obama... hhmmm.)

Kristen & Brooks said...

What a sweet little guy!!! Makes me want a boy next!! Too cute!!! Can't wait to meet him in person. On a side note, you are going to LOVE the "bananas" on his head. They are WAY better than the little rolly things and pretty much as good as cramming wash cloths in there. Brooklyn was a fan of being a banana head in the carseat...

Jordan and Jandee said...

I am loving all of the new pictures. Love the hat, love the clothes, love the yawning picture, love his cute nose & hands, love everything!

The girl said...

I bet you are having so much fun with him! In some of the pictures I can see he is Matilda's brother. But he is so cute. I must hold him again soon.

racharooo said...

Melissa, you will have to tell me how it is possible to have a 10 pound baby ripped through your guts and still call it "wonderful". You are so much stronger than me! Calvin is a cutie pie, and VERY fashionable! congrats, love ya!

Tara said...

9lb 9 oz...whew! Thatta boy!

He is such a beautiful, beautiful boy...in the most manly boyish way possible :)

Hope your recovery is quick! For me the 2nd C was easier...I'm curious what you think.


Becker said...

I loved this post! Thank you for making it huge! He seems like a charmer! And, P.S. I'm with Tillie and the cookie dough. In fact...

Mark & Bek said...

Teeny tiny, I don't think so. That is one huge baby. Good job carrying him around inside! He is really really cute. Congratulations!

Whitney said...

Wait...these posts are too good! I mean seriously...he is SOOOOO Cute! Thank you so much for sharing him with us. I am making Bill come in here right now to see how adorable he is! Give Cal a kiss for us! (And how in the world are you doing this with a spliced stomach? Wonder Woman!)

Jordan said...

congrats. can't wait to meet him. I think Calvin is a great name.

Sarah said...

So cute. Yes, I think he is strawberry blonde as well.

erin said...

He is just TOO CUTE!
Wishing you a speedy recovery! :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats from the Avery's house! Babies are such a wonderful blessing and joy!

kennan said...

cal... obsessed with his name. isnt it funny how adult tillie feels now? she will adjust perfectly, i am sure. i can't wait to hear the whole story. congrats and snuggle that fuzzy head to pieces.

mommyballs said...

Gorgeous pictures of that sweet baby boy!!! It did my heart good that he wore the knit outfit home from the hospital! I am thrilled that you are all home safe and sound and there is lots of rain so that you can feel content in your warm cozy home. Love you guys.

Kate said...

Calvin is so handsome! He looks just perfect! Glad to hear that everything went well. You guys make a cute family of four! Hope you are recovering quickly and adjusting well.

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is beautiful. And I love the pictures of Tillie singing to him. Oh and just a side note I think most people have more than one name for their children. Even if they didn't plan on it. So there's no shame in that at ALL. Love BOTH names. Hope you are treating yourself well and Aaron is pampering you!


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