Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy five years.

IMG_1039 b&w aaron and melissa at culture thing
this was us about 6.5 years ago? while we were dating and very much in a "likey-likey" status.
this was also during my bracelet phase of life.

Oh, wouldn't you know it? We had our 5th anniversary on the 12th of January. The day after we got home from the hospital. Let's give a shout out to that. I am a lucky lucky girl.

Quick story:
At the hospital, when we were just hangin' out, Aaron was my phone manager. He'd let me know when I'd get texts from people, respond for me, and do anything else I wanted. As he was scrolling through the text messages I'd received, he came across a few that I'd saved to my "sim card" from him.

Some from while we were dating, one from him telling me he was looking at rings, and another few from him the night before we got married. It was so fun having him read all of them to me as I was holding our second little baby.

It was so sweet to look back and think about all we'd done together in five short years, and how we thought that we loved each other so much then, and how it has increased 500 fold. It was a good day and reminded me how blessed I am.



beijing july 12 to august 13 151

beijing july 12 to august 13 165

aaron and mel in SA BW


Happy belated anniversary, dude. Here's to 555 more years.


Becker said...

Love you guys. Congrats!

Tim and Melissa said...

Wow! Congrats on so many years! You two are a perfect couple! So glad we know you!

Sarah said...

Congrats. That's so cool that you can save your texts. When I get a new phone - they are all gone with it.

a pair of pettijohns said...

every year i look forward to the anniversary post...and the pictures that accompany it. could you guys BE any cuter of a duo? no way, jose.

happy five years. forever and ever.

Kristen said...

That second pic of you guys is what I remembered you Melissa as looking when you moved into our ward as freshmen in dental school. Now you are almost done! That is so cool you still have those texts. Now aren't you glad you aren't a "get rid of everything type of gal"? So cool.


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