Friday, January 1, 2010

give thanks.

Let's talk about the fabulous holiday we experienced more than a month ago... Thanksgiving. Since we moved to Texas, we have spent every Thanksgiving here. But, when we knew that we wouldn't be able to travel to Utah for Christmas (I'd be too far along in the pregnancy), we suggested that the Wood family come to visit us for Thanksgiving.

They thought, how 'bout, instead of buying a thousand tickets for all of them to fly down, to buy two tickets for us to fly up? We'll accept!!!

It was great. We were able to stay at their home (a neighbor of theirs kindly shared their darling crib so that Matilda would sleep normally), and knowing that the Snyder family would be spending Christmas with us in a few weeks---it was nice to spend the bulk of time one place and hanging out. Not worrying about splitting up time evenly and nicely (the blessing and the curse of having our families live within 3 minutes of each other). It was great. We had a blast. Here are a few pictures of the fun...

The beautiful table settings. Everyone except Tyler (on a mission in North Carolina) was able to be there. And, when everyone is there, it is a full house! Hence the THREE tables! It was delicious and so much fun. I am such a fan of this family.

Tillie loved this little mini bus. Can you see the joy on her face?

Here's a great shot of all her curls BEFORE I had them chopped off. Sigh. Too cute.

The family waiting for the big dinner to start. I think they were all watching something really inspirational on t.v.---or some sporting event. Which, I'm sure was EQUALLY inspiring. :)

**Aaron helped putting up the Christmas lights. Is he from Texas or what? Why he was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and shorts with Crocs on his feet is BEYOND me. It was COLD! I made sure to bundle up Tillie in her snow hat (that I soon discovered was WAY too small for her noggin' now)---but because it had strings to tie it up, we made do. Poor girl.

And, please take note of Scott's (aaron's dad) festive shirt. Yes, it is does feature Sylvester the Cat all tangled up in Christmas lights with the words, "Bah Humbug". Too funny. Apparently he dawns it every year on this special occasion. hA!

notice Aaron's bare feet?! he is crazy. that is all I can say!!

love this one.

Although the hat was too small and it was cold, this poser doesn't seem to mind. What a ham!

I don't know where she gets it from.

Oh wait.

Our trip wouldn't have been complete with out some great GAME playing. We pulled out Jenga AND the camera hoping to capture another jewel. You remember this one, right? How can you forget? I think I've posted it about 7 times in the last few years.

Unfortunately we couldn't catch the drama and the intense nature of the Jenga time, but it was pretty fun, none the less.

p.s. Aaron thought he was pretty clever using the Jenga block as his "number 1" finger. Nice, hon.

That's a wrap. Thanks for the fun Thanksgiving, Wood family!

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Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my lands. matilda + that darling hat = killer awesome combination. adorable.


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