Sunday, September 6, 2009

another fun day in austin!

A while back, our friends, Tara and Jared, suggested we take a trip to the beautiful city of Austin. So, we did. It was fun.

On our way, we made the stop at the outlets in San Marcos (how can you ever just drive by?). That was lovely. Found some great things, and the newly weds found some delightful silverware on sale at Pottery Barn (score one for them!).

Then it was off to Austin. We first made a stop at the infamous "Hey Cupcake!" trailer to buy ourselves some treats. They were pretty good, but unfortunately, it was really hot and I wasn't quite ready to eat them the moment after we purchased them (I know, weird, me not being able to throw down a cupcake spur of the moment. unlike me.)----so, by the time we ate ours, they were a melty-sugary-mess.

We dropped our blankets in the park (to save our spots) for a free community theater production. They put on Music Man, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The costumes were great, the talent was good, and you couldn't beat the venue. It was fun!

But, before we actually watched the play, we headed to the Salt Lick. A pretty major BBQ place. Aaron and I had been there one time before and this time we loved it just as much. We ended up eating our dinner on our blankets in the park just before the play started. Delish!

All in all it was a fun filled day!

We, however, maybe should have left at intermission, b/c by the time we left the park it was around 11:00 and we still had the almost 2 hour drive to get back to San Antonio.

Outlets + cupcakes + BBQ + fun = tired family. Aaron and I almost fell asleep driving back. It was AWFUL trying to keep our eyes open on that LONG LONG freeway home.

But, in the end, we arrived safely at home and had a good long sleep.

Good times in the Lone Star state with good friends. Yee-haw (it just seemed fitting AND i'm a texan, so I can say things like that. duh!).

p.s. to those of you who do google reader or blog lines--sorry to publish this YET again, but the layout before was driving me NUTS, so I did it again. gracias.

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tara said...

such a fun day with such a fun couple! thanks for coming with us! Tilly was such a doll through the whole long hot day. umm, looks like i gobbled down my cupcakes right away? that or i have some news for Jared...


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