Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i caved.

so, this is a morning of note.
hence, this is me, taking note.

p.s. I was going to attach two images... one of my running/walking shoes, and one of my jeans... but alas, blogger was having issues. so, just IMAGINE those two images as you read. ok. good. thanks.

A few weeks back, I asked Aaron to pull down my MATERNITY box of clothes from the tippy top of our garage. We had both noticed my expanding belly, so I decided to have him grab the box for me.

So, he did. And, it's been sitting at the edge of our bed for a few weeks. I pulled out a few items to remember what clothes were in there (as if it's been THAT long), and cringed at the selection. By the time I had Matilda, I was SO sick of those blasted shirts. I got to a point of recycling the same 5 shirts every week for so long----let's just say, the memories came flooding back.

So, here I am at 20 + weeks (sorry, I have no idea what week I am), and even though I can still wear my regular pants, and they button up fine---they are getting a tad bit uncomfortable, as you can imagine.

I put on my trusty GAP maternity jeans from the last go-around, thinking it would be a sad day in my life----but it's just the opposite! I AM SO STINKIN' COMFORTABLE!!! I keep thinking, why didn't I cave earlier!?!? No shame, people. No shame.

So, I've got the Pants on (I think I should capitalize them, like they do in the book Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, b.c they feel THAT special to me). Feeling good.

That's my story. There's the 411.

Oh, and to forewarn my neighbors of the site you may be witnessing early in the mornings---the whale of a tale you see each morning JOGGING with a little Matilda in tow? Yes, that would be me. I know. Why I decided to start jogging is totally beyond me.
I've always had the motto of "don't run unless you are late, or being chased"---but one day, I just decided to do it. And, I've been at it each morning for almost two weeks now (well, to be TOTALLY honest, I skipped Sunday and Labor Day Monday with the boys in town). But, still... if you aren't impressed, I am. And so are my mom and sisters. Not to mention, Aaron. He's like, "What? Really? You ran and you weren't scared someone was following you?" Well, he didn't say that in so many words, but I know he was thinking it.

That's the story of our lives for this very moment in time.

I have a BIG exciting BOMB to drop here in a minute. Well, both my sister, Becca, and I do. And, it's been in the works for a few months now, and we are finally at liberty to SHOW and TELL! Whooo! Whooo! Hold on to your hats, folks. It's pretty rad.

Stay tuned.

Until then, I'll be sweating my guts out here in the big San Antone with my very COMFY stretchy waistbands!

Bring it, yo! Bring it!


Jordan and Jandee said...

Melissa, wow you put me to shame with all that jogging! Way to go Idaho! Definitely impressive.... oh yes and can I say I'm uber impressed that you are just now getting into maternity clothes, I guess I only have my own experience as reference and since I was practically the hindenburg from week 16 I felt like I was in maternity For...Ev...Er.....probably a wise thing you held out as long as you did, perhaps you won't get as sick of your clothes as I did.....or maybe you still will, but at least you will be sick of them for a lot less time. It doesn't feel nice to not be restricted though, I remember as much as it was annoying to already be in maternity, I loved my stretchy pants......sorry this comment is a uber-long rambling mess, but what else would you expect from yours truly?

Lyssa said...

Halla for the maternity clothes!!
Ya, it's all about comfort around here too. Do I even wear my own clothes on a daily basis?!
I wear Joe's clothes's just more comf.
Glad you shared your tale with us. And will you stop making us wait in suspense!?
Just tell us the NEWS!!
love ya.

alpineavery said...

You are amazing!! Hope you can keep up with the running or exercising your entire life, you will be so much happier (and healthier, I guess)!!! Congrats on the big news coming up!!!

Mark & Bek said...

Oh, nothing feels better than elastic banded gap maternity pants. I refused to give mine up for quite a while after Russ was born. They are just so comfy.

Katie said...

I always love reading your blog. You never fail to make me laugh! Love ya!

azufelt said...

uck, I hate maternity pants. They are tricky little boogers, because at first wear they are seemingly more comforatable than their non-maternity counterpart. Except after about 15 minutes when they fall down and the up-tugging begins... that's when I take them off, for real. I'm a fan of regular pants left un-done, so what if the neighboring cars get a peep show as my whale belly comes sliding out of my SUV... 4 kids down --I'm over it!

Ooh, congrats on the jogging. I'm with you on the trusty motto, but I too caved and found that was the secret to my weightloss goals. So, I will be joinging the joggers team next week when Baby Austin is old enough to be stuck in the day care!

Kristen said...

Now you are making me sick...not wearing maternity clothes until after 20 weeks AND running while pregnant?! Totally jealous. Can't wait to hear the news!

Kristen & Brooks said...

tillie is such a doll!!! love the pics from the last post!! she is so pretty!!!!

so fun to be in nice stretchy clothes again!!! no shame!!! i didn't want to go back to real is such a hard transition after being so comfy!! enjoy it!!!

(and i'm super impressed that you are jogging/running!! i would be impressed if you weren't preggers...but preggers and jogging...way to go!!! that thought never entered my!!)

tara said...

oh my, you are pregnant and have a child to look after and are JOGGING??! I have a state-of-the-art gym across the parking lot from me and have not stepped one foot in the door other than to A. eat lunch at the cafe or B. tour the facility in my scrubs. eek. you are an inspiration! I need to get movin'!!


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