Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my little sunshine.

Matilda has days where she is happy for me to take her picture.
There are other days, when she is not happy for me to take her picture.

Today was a happy day.

So, we went for it.



IMG_1807 copy





are you not in love with this girl? gee whiz.

she is definitely my little sunshine. am I lucky or whhhaaaaat?


Jill said...

Melissa, these pictures are awesome! Matilda is such a doll! You definitely are so lucky :)

Adams Family said...

Love these pictures!
She has beautiful eyes!! :)

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

She is so cute!

Landon and Kelsi said...

ummm...she's a doll!! Great pictures!! I love her cute little brown skirt too!

Lyssa said...

She looks like Aaron the bigger she gets!
Glad she was a happy girl for you.

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

What a cute little girl...like you didn't know that already. But I was thinking the same thing...it was so fun to see you on ichat, I am excited to see you in a weekish, don't get sick.

Steffani Dastrup said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten! She is beautiful! Maybe I'll get to see you in the airport again right before you have #2? Any big trips planned?

melody said...

BAHHHHH!! I can NOT get over how ADORABLE she is!!!!! I am so excited for you two to come up(:(:(: Wahoo!!! (:


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