Monday, August 31, 2009

we love water.


Okay, so again, we will postpone the infamous Utah pictures. People, need I remind you that it was a 5+ week trip? So, while I'm waiting on a few more images from my folk's computer, I thought I'd play catch up on life in Texas. Okay? Good plan. Ready break.

Well, don't break too long, because I thought I'd show some water pictures with Tillie Mae.

You see, at one point in our marriage, Aaron and I purchased a swimming pool. It is perfect for the weather that we've been experiencing as of late (100 degree +). But, since we've now put grass in, and our yard has become Aaron's baby, he's opted for us not to put the pool back up. So, it sits in our garage---just waiting for us to move to somewhere like Alaska. Nice.

It's okay. We have some nice substitutions for the pool.

Enter the garden hose.

We've decided to combine two things to make a winning experience. Aaron's love of the yard + Matilda's love of spending time with her dad = fun. Every night. You might remember we are in a drought? Well, that is true. But, they allow you to "hand" water in the evenings and mornings, no matter WHAT your watering day is. So, we take full advantage of that.



here she is wearing sunglasses, and loving the look.

Aaron, being a sucker to Matilda's happiness, saw this giraffe pool at Walmart, and decided that she needed to have it. She likes to dangle her hands and arms in the pool, but doesn't really love going ALL the way in.

We first would just strip her down to her diaper (and sometimes remove the diaper when it got too puffy (do you know how big those things can get?!)), and apparently our Puerto Rican neighbors thought it was inappropriate. So, they promptly delivered 7 swimsuits (hand-me-downs) from their 3 yr. old daughter (which, by the way, she is always running around in her underwear, so I don't think they REALLY thought Tillie was too inappropriate. I just like using the word "inappropriate" as often as I can).

Here she is donning one of those. Matilda LOVES to put the suits on and whenever she is ready to go play, she knocks (from the inside, mind you) on the big front door.



What a knuckle head. We like her a lot. And, consequently, we love water too.

The end.


a pair of pettijohns said...

i am not sure that little swimsuit could be ANY cuter on that little darling little body :)

elements: overexposed said...

Friendly Friends how are you? How was Alaxka? So amazing! Just wanted to say hello. Hope you are well!

Miss you! Love you!


alpineavery said...

i love it. aaron you are a great dad.


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