Sunday, August 30, 2009

beccabury's big trip.

So, with our frequent fliers (aka Lizzy and Denise), my sister Becca was feeling neglected. She felt that she hadn't spent a lot of quality time in the Lone Star state with her bosom buddy (insert MY name there).

With that, Becca took a little jaunt down to visit. We had fun. We ate hearty (a favorite talent of ours). And, it was great.

Here are a few pictures to show you what we did with all that good time.

Eating at Long Horn Cafe. You probably all recognize the seats by now from ALL of our posts about this place. We love it THAT much. Look at the size of those burgers. Mmmmm...
This was the first trip that Tillie really polished the burgers off. She pretty much ate 1/2 of one. WOW. That's my girl!! You can see her in the picture below grabbing at the loot. She's crazy.

Even though it was still killer hot outside (this trip took place in early August, mind you)... Becca insisted that she needed to show Tillie what bubbles were. So, they had a grand time. I don't know who loved the experience more. Becca or Matilda. They were whoopin' it up.

me. proving I was here? weird.

look at our little zombie. too funny.

These last ones were Becca on her way to the airport. Who looks this good getting onto an airplane? Sheesh. How would it be? I typically go for the hooded sweatshirt look when I embark on a flight. Are we even sisters?

Okay, Becca. Same goes for you. Feel free to come whenever you want, because you TOO have the gift of Tillie's love. She adores you as well. And, I don't think you're a half bad guest. Especially when you cook AND do the dishes. :) Thanks for coming!

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