Saturday, August 8, 2009

pretty in pink

we really like this little pink girl of ours.

i decided to make pink cupcakes for some reason (with strawberry cake, no less), and then we took some cute pictures of Tillie in her darling pink striped dress.

So, hence the PRETTY in PINK title. Enjoy.

*Oh, and there were TONS of pictures taken. Once you see these first two, you'll know why. So much for sitting still and just posing like she used to. Ahhh, the joys of immobility. :) jk. It is good that she is crazy. We wouldn't want it any other way. So, humor this dolly's mom by bearing with ALL the little pictures.

did we mention that she LOVES to dance? Loves it. We love watching too.

Having fun with glasses. Aaron about had a heart attack when he saw how far she was stretching his out. Luckily they didn't snap. So, then we quickly replaced HIS with HERS.

apparently she didn't mind the substitution.

there you have it. a darling little 16 month old.

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