Friday, August 28, 2009

lizzy's 6th? visit.

we've lost count. my sister lizzy has come down to texas (in the 3 years we've lived here) six times. we think.

that is nuts. is she a frequent flier or what?!

we had a ton of fun when she came down this time. of course!

what was on the agenda? why, what every 13 year old who is just about to start a new school year would want to do---SHOPPING! :) It was fun to spend the majority of allotted "school clothes money" with the Liz-bert.

I will say this, though. For the first time in my life, I thought, "wow, I must be really old." Why? Because we would be in these teen stores and the music was SO stinkin' loud. The clothes were all tiny, the lights were dim, and I kept thinking, "Man, I gotta get out of this place! And, can we just turn down the volume a few notches??"

See. There's the proof. I'm an official "old fart." Gag. Did I just write that on my blog? Yes. I did. But, I guess it's who I am. Wow.

Anyway, here are some pictures from her stay. It was great. And, Miss Tillie pretty much worships Lizzy. She can do no wrong in her eyes. And, we had a really fun time.

Trip to Boerne. What a cute town.




A "MUST" on our agenda that Lizzy typed up (is she a mini-denise, or what?!). We needed to make cake balls. Bakerella always does a better job. But, ours tasted really good. So, that's all that matters in the end, right?

After Lizzy did her ballet stuff and I worked out, we rewarded ourselves. Lovely. Tillie? Well, she took a great nap, so she was rewarded too. :)

Here we are at Tillie's check up. I felt bad that I had TWO dr. appointments scheduled while Lizzy was here. Darn. But, she is such a good sport and it made me want her to move in FULL time to help with my life's daily tasks. Here they are, posin' it up.

Thanks for coming, Lizbert. It was GREAT to have you. You know that ANYtime you want to come again, we would all support that idea! You are great!

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