Sunday, April 26, 2009

the teethers...

just a quick funny anecdote, if you will...

if you have had the chance to see little Matilda's not-so-little teeth in the previous post, you will have a better appreciation for the story I am about to share.

I was at the dr.'s office when the nurse commented, like so many others do, about the size of Matilda's teeth. The lady, being of Latino decent, said, and I quote, "Whoa, mama's (referring to matilda--apparently Mexican for baby) got some big teeth, don't she? Her teeth are bigger than mine!"

With that, Nurse-face flashed me a big cheeser-of-a-grin to prove her point.

I replied, in shock, "Oh my word! I think you're right! Her teeth are bigger than yours!"

... so, I don't know what else to say. It was a good story.

That little mama (matilda) takes after her mama (me), and yes, I take after my mama(denise). Big teeth run in this family. Ah, another sign that the hospital definitely did not switch my baby with another one. (which, can you imagine such a thing?! But, sadly, it happens!)

And, to my darling baby, please know that you are absolutely PERFECT in every way.
That's all.


emily snyder said...

you kill me!!!

The girl said...

How funny! I wish you had a picture of the lady! I think I would rather have big teeth then tiny teeth.

stampinashley said...

Actually, what concerns me about the story is how potential SMALL that nurse's teeth must have been.

I mean, sure Matilda's got some noticeable teeth, but atleast you can see them, and it's not just all gum hanging out (which I thing is slightly less attractive than large teeth, and guess what we have that runs in our in-lawed familia?)

And seriously... why do they call all baby girls "mama" It totally is mexican for baby girl!!

elements: overexposed said...

That is heeeeeelarious! Why can't I just ride along with you in your pocket to enjoy your funny days! That is a great story, but even better the way you tell it! xo


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