Saturday, April 11, 2009

here are some pictures of my trip out to L.A. i went there to observe the residents at UCLA's pediatric dentistry program. i didn't take any pics of the pediatric dentistry, which was cool, but i did take pics of the getty center, venice beach, and hannah montana movie premier. thanks for the hospitality mark and bekah!, and mark and michelle! i think the pictures are really big for the first half, and then smaller for the second half.

ps- melissa's in utah right now so texas is a little more boring than usual. i was however able to get around to working on the yard (mulching / weeding), playing some racquetball, and catching up on my golf-watching. but mostly i'm looking forward to thursday cuz melissa and matilda get back.IMG_5472





IMG_5390 this is hollywood boulevard.

IMG_5370this is my hands in ahnold's hands.

IMG_5343the photographers are really focusing. this is taylor swift's back.

IMG_5332this is hannah's friend. i'm pretty sure she's famous and on hannah montana's show.

IMG_5307this is the red carpet and the bright lights. awesome.

IMG_5301this is vanessa williams. she's famous.

IMG_5281 this is billy ray. i can't tell if he's good looking, really weird looking, or creepy looking. melissa just saw this movie and said it is the best movie she's seen in the last couple years.

IMG_5280this is the best pic i got of miley cyrus. i didn't even realize she was in it 'til i got home and was looking through my pictures. my little sis-in-law, lizzy, made me promise i'd get a shot of miley. well, lizzy, here you go.

IMG_5444this is an example of what the people who sell stuff at venice beach live in.

IMG_5427here are some cool california kids doing cool california stuff. skateboarding without shirts but with long hair. awesome.

IMG_5404and this is me. i didn't know i was going to the beach today, so i wasn't wearing my rash-guard or my sunscreen.


lizzy said...

Yes thanks aaron... YOU DA BOMB! and the girl with long dark hair with a little darker hair... her name is bereda song and she is on suit life of zach and cody... if you're wondering. And Melissa is right, IT IS THE BEST MOVE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

melimba said...


you did great!! i loved it all!!!

how did you get the pictures huge??
good work.
can't wait to see you!
melis and tillie

Kristen said...

Oh, an Aaron sighting...ha! Venice Beach is a special place huh? Some of the strangest people I have ever seen. Are those people really famous? Oh awesome you got to do that. ;)

Mark & Bek said...

great post. nice pics. good to see you. come again! bring melis and tillie next time too!

alpineavery said...

Pretty amazing photos! My favorite was the very last one!!! Love you Aaron, Mom

Jordan and Jandee said...

amazing pictures Aaron!


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