Thursday, April 2, 2009

the amazing michelle does it again...

so, my super delightful and MUY taliento (spanglish for talented)
amiga (friend who is a girl) has done it again.

p a i s l e y apron from epicurean style

amazing multiplied by TWO = me with my jaw on the floor

so, yes, she is offering ANOTHER give away!?!?!
all's you got to do is go to her EPICUREAN STYLE blog (which is fantastic) and comment for your chance to win one of these beautiful creations.
did I mention they are REVERSIBLE too?! will wonders never cease?!

she kills me.

remember that she just had a baby a few minutes ago (ok, maybe not MINUTES but DAYS... seriously)??

wow, we are all lucky today.

i hope i win.
or, because i'm nice, maybe you have a chance to win too.
check it. yo.


annie and jared said...

those are so amazingly cute, even cuter than the one i bought at anthropologie... so GOOD WORK michelle!! i need to see her new baby. and melissa, i was dying when i read your last couple of posts about aaron, he really is a treat.. really. ha ha ha. and matilda is one of the most gorgeous babies i have ever seen.

Laura said...

Melissa! You are so awesome. I just entered the giveaway! I have been meaning to write to you for forever. You did not have to send a shirt for my little guy too(but I am so thankful, it is adorable!!) Thank you so much. I wish I would have paid for it though. You are so generous and did I mention awesome?! Thanks Melissa for sharing your talents with us who don't have many outward ones.

emily sparks said...

very cute! ps. your baby girl is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ok, your friend has some wicked cute aprons (am I getting too old to say "wicked" cute? Where's the line?) You always have such fun things to show and tell.

It's too bad I'm way to cheap to spend even $20 on an apron much less what those are going for. I'll just have to keep wearing that dirty 8 year old Walmart "ready to decorate" but has never been even the slightest bit embellished canvas apron hanging in the kitchen. Such is life when your cheap and lacking in the creativity and patience department.


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