Monday, April 13, 2009

random pictures.

SO, things have been happening as of late.
everyone in our little family went to the beach.
someone in our family went to LA.
two someones in our family flew to utah.
someone in our family went to the Hannah Montana Movie premier.
someone in our family went to the Hannah Montana Movie and TOTALLY & COMPLETELY loved it and is considering watching it again in the theater (seriously, it was THAT good).
someone in our family cut 10 inches off their hair.
someone in our family ate the "All American Chocolate Cake" for the first time yesterday.
someone in our family is loving to pull themselves up on EVERYthing.

---there are lots of things to report, but for now, we're vacating = lack of blogging. But, mind you, there has been NO lacking of fun. Busy and good times all around.

Here are some photos of the wee one right before we decided to vacate. There are lots of pictures, but I don't care. That whole thing called "EDIT" doesn't happen when it comes to this dolly. Why don't you call the WAAAHmbulance.

be prepared. more goodness is on the way.


elements: overexposed said...

I love those photos of the little one. So fun!

The girl said...

Cute post. I am guessing that the someone who cut 10 inches off their hair is you! Do you love it? Pictures please!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

We were so happy to have aaron come and visit us and hope we will be seeing more of your faces out our direction in the near future. :) It sounds like you guys are both having fun doing the things you are doing. Can't wait to see more pictures of all the fun!

Kristen said...

I totally agree. I go overboard on pics for my blog, but I just can't help myself. Edit doesn't exist for me either. I can't wait to see your hair (it's you right?). When you first moved here your hair was very cute that length. And I don't believe that Aaron loved the're kidding right? I gag just watching the preview.

Kristen & Brooks said...

love the art on the envelopes...and the onesie!! typical fun you!! yeah for coming home this week...hope you have had fun!! love that tillie is doing new fun things...we'll have to get together so i can see her new talents...and oh, you can watch brooklyn sit...haha. ...and I can't wait to see your hair!!!!!


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