Sunday, November 18, 2007

bloggin' & babies...


this is melissa again. I feel I need to give a shout out to Aaron for updating the blog the last two times. Let me tell you something special about Aaron...something that bonds us to our very core...that is, he is a bloggin' fool.

For such a long time, it's been only me. It was only me that would update y'all and tell you the stories of life. It was only me who would click on everyone's blog and find out your goings & comings. It was all me. Now? not so. I love that randomly in the day, Aaron will text, gmail chat, or call me and say, "Oh, so and so has updated their blog," or "did you see the pictures on so and so's blog?" Be still my heart.

We have a saying here at the Wood house, "A family that blogs together, stays together." Nuff said.

With that said, I think Aaron will understand WHY I am updating our blog, even though we are taking a "time out" on the internet.

(We talked the other day about spending WaY too much time on the internet, bloggin, checking email, his NBA fantasy team (what is that all about?) :), shopping, etc. So, we decided to have a fast, if you will, from the internet this weekend. We have so many other good things we wanted to accomplish---i.e. laundry, put away all those clean dishes, go through the closets, figuring out our Christmas cards... and these things don't happen when we are both sitting at the table with our laptops in front of our face.)

It is a good thing we have done this starting yesterday morning. I am proud to announce we got TONS done, and the weekend isn't even over. We EVEN had time for a dance party/karaoke fest to Ben Folds last night. I never knew how talented Aaron was at playing the Air Piano AND singing with the lyrics on his computer AND swiveling his hips. Now, if that isn't rad/talent, I don't know what is.

ANYWAY, so b/c I understand Aaron's love for bloggin'---and seeing that I didn't update our blog on our BLOGIVERSARY (even though it was me who figured it out), AND because tomorrow is such an IMPORTANT DAY in our lives - I deem it necessary to blog for a second to share some thoughts.

First, BLOGIVERSARY? Yeah, awesome. Most of you don't remember that special day...exactly ONE year to date (well, now one year and 9 days ago). Many of you weren't the devoted fans you are today. Well, team...I have decided to give you a link to that infamous day. Here 'tis. Man, we've had a good run. It is fun to see what we did last November (well at least for us).

Secondly, IMPORTANT DAY? Yes. Indeed, very important. You may have etched on your calendars (as if it is a stone or something) this Wednesday as the big Ultrasound date, but alas, the doctor's office called and my appointment needed to be rescheduled. Well, team, after many calls, I was able to switch around work AND it worked for Aaron, we got a Monday appt. It was that, or wait till Dec. 4th.

So, you thought you had a few more days to vote on the baby's gender? Not so. Only about 24 more hours, team. Cast your votes wisely.

Honestly, at this point, I am just nervous about the baby, boy or girl. Everyone's telling me it's normal to worry about the health and whether or not they will have one arm or two. (Aaron told me, that we will just call our baby Stubs if that happens, thanks hon.) I mean, we will love whatever we are blessed with. I just worry a lot about lots of things. Thanks, Denise aka Mom. I blame you for that talent.

We shall see. We'll definitely let you know what we find out. !!!! Crazy, eh? I know. I am still reeling that this is all for ReALs and not for FaKes, you know?

Anyway, team, have a great day/night (whenever it is you read this). Peace out for now.


Mark & Bek said...

Hey guys...GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! Its a boy.

Sarah said...

My vote - boy.

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys...this ultrasound will be so fun! Be sure to let me know soon that I voted correctly...BOY!

bryce & sarah said...

WHAT!? TOMORROW!!!! Good luck baby. You too melissa and aaron. My vote was BOY oh boy.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Love, Love, Love you! Good luck tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what you are having. I still vote boy, but Marc votes girl. We are torn around here. :) Call me!

elements: overexposed said...

I am very excited for the two of you! Please, when you have a minute, let us know the great news. If I am psychic, like you, I think that my vote for a boy will be correct. xoxo

Joe & Lyssa said...

Ok so I appreciate your comment on my blog. I just have to say that it was way late when I wrote that and I realized it even before you made one. I just was too lazy to go in and change it! Anyways, good luck today and you bbetter let us all know when you find out! Everyone is saying a boy so i'm going to say a GIRL :)

Elizabeth Shelley said...

You are definelty having a boy! I can feel it! Good Luck!


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