Tuesday, November 6, 2007

never posted these darlings.

So, I was looking through some photographs on the old computadora (again, for my non-spanish speaking friends...it means computer), and came across these gems.

I am lousy at posting pictures right after they've been taken. For that, I apologize. But, I thoguht you would like to see Aaron's cute family! My definite favorites are the ones with "los hermanos"---holy cow, I forgot how fluent I am in spanish. The boys are so funny when they get together. I mean, seriously, I was taking A (meaning ONE) photo of them together, and then they keep posing and say, "no! here's another one!" yikes. they love the camera. But, we ask, does the camera love them?
You decide.
No, I'll decide. The camera does love them. Heck, we all love them. :)

So, here's some photos from the "shoot" up AF Canyon.

Please Enjoy. Of course you'll enjoy! Duh! (kajsa, I can't stop saying duh. I totally blame you).


erin said...

So, I can't wait to see your baby. Those little boys are soo cute! What fun pictures!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

What a good lookin' bunch! AF Canyon has some of the greatest photo spots. Good work!

Russ and Nat said...

ok, so my question for you is this: Will your baby have red hair or blonde?? Shall we make this into a bet??

Mike and Kelly said...

Cute family. I can't get over how much Aaron looks like his brother. So crazy. By the way, I think that your kids will have red hair. Just in case you were wondering my thoughts on the subject. He'll/She'll be so cute.

elements: overexposed said...

I really do think you are one of THE funniest people I know. I love reading your writings. Too funny! The photos are great, I do think the camera loves Aaronias and the bros. Boys will be boys at all times and in all things and in all places. Loves xoxo

Cameron and Michelle said...

You know it's quite interesting how small the world is, This is Camron Kelsch you would remember from being in your home ward
(good old Alpine 8th). It is good to see your family and then your immediate family as well. It is interesting, if you keep clicking on different blog sights you might come across someoone you know. I found you by going to my sisters blog, who then had Jill Jackson's blog and she had yours. It is good to see you with a great family. I still think the world of your parents. What a blessing to you and your siblings.
If you so choose, my families blog is kelschfamily.blogspot.com

May the Lord bless your family,

Cameron Kelsch

Cathy said...

This is great info to know.


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