Thursday, November 9, 2006

big planes overhead...

As I live and breathe, there is a plane flying over head or very near by. Yes, in San Antonio, there are many HUGE planes that frequent the area. I am told there are three military bases in this town...who knew?! Not to mention that the regular airport around...not too close to us, but it is around. I thought you might enjoy this picture.
Today I am off of work, so I decided to take this opportunity (before I get going on that mountain of laundry and cluttering of "important" papers) to create a new blog for the viewing pleasure of our friends and family...yes, those ones we hold near and dear, but miss greatly.

The plan of this blog is as follows...we will update it "whenever" and post pictures "whenever" and the authors (aaron and I) will change "whenever" (however, I think, by the way we talk/write, you will easily be able to tell who is who). But, in case you are wondering who we owe credit for this blog...that would be Michelle {Martin} Rasmussen. She has inspired me. She is great at updating her blog and I love viewing it, so...alas, here we are.

Get excited for your little preview into our lives. Be prepared, you might get extremely bored.
But, you can't say I didn't warn you.


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