Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's a New Year! Happenings in early January 2013

After Team Wood left town, we had a few days before Aaron had to go back to work. Lazy days are my very most favorite thing on earth... especially when we all get to be together. Aaron appeased me by letting me take some happy pictures of he and the Bensey boy. I just love them all. 

The jammied crew wanted in too.
Aaron testing out the new trampoline. White men CAN jump! :)

Gorgeous Benny boy. I love just looking at that sweet face.

Non-stop jumping from the crazy duo.

Cal selfie. Thank you for that.

The kids love to entertain Benny when he wakes up from a nap.

I love when Benny happily entertains himself in his flight simulator. He's such a happy camper!
Be still my mama heart. Sigh.
Freshly painted orange beds for Til and Cal's room. Finally put into their proper places and I found blue bedding at Home Goods. Aaron helped me finally hang up the lantern/hot air balloons and I'm excited to see the room get put together!

Mom's night out at Target. Me and some friends went out to eat and then each of us needed to make a stop at Target. Such a fun night and so nice to have some friends!

Calvin in the throws of potty training---pull-ups on, Froggy Potty always near---he's doing pretty well. I love this shot of these two happily playing with the markers.

Tillie loves a good fashion party and recently discovered that she can be-deck her hair with a million bows by herself. She can be found sneaking into the bow drawer, and comes out a few minutes later all ready to go. Notice the hands. Where did this girl come from?! :)

Same party trick, new night. This girl is New Year's magic. 

Mom has pretty good skills---but doesn't like to show off too much. :)

So, my hands are still ridiculous. Can't open. Combine that with a huge, brand new, French cast-iron pot---not a good equation. My fabulous roast, potatoes, carrots, and onion meal landed on the floor when I couldn't pull it out of the oven. In fact, when pulling it out of the oven, I dinged the oven door pretty good and it slammed the floor leaving nice reminders of the incident. Here I pose sheepeshly, and luckily Aaron had just come home, but don't worry, I sobbed my eyes out after the photo op. Aaron scraped up the mess off the floor, and cleaned it all up while I continued my meltdown, and finally we were able to salvage a fairly good portion, and we ate. Three cheers for a successful fancy dinner. HA!

No mood could be sour for long when this dolly is nearby. I took this pic right after dinner and was reminded that our life was pretty darn awesome. HEART EYES!!!

Cal had been searching for Woody's hat for a few days and finally found it. Again, all was not lost! It turned into a happy night!

Early morning hang out in mom and dad's room. Dad had to go to work, and I was feeling lazy so I let the kids play with the ipad. I don't care how I get the early morning snuggles. haha!

Aunty Becca is one of the best things about living here! We love when she comes up to play!
 She wanted to re-create Tillie's presh photo op from a few days earlier. HAHA! Nailed it!
 Dapper Dan ready for church in his new bowtie. Such a dolly!
 Posin it up in the Sunday duds they picked out.

I taught the kids how to make snowflakes--- they are big fans! Cal is getting used to the whole "scissor" business, but doing pretty darn well, considering he's still TWO YEARS OLD! Love watching these two craft it up. Happiest moments in my life.

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