Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas at the new Texas Wood house! 2013

We are pretty lucky b/c the Alpine Wood crew (what's left of them, anyway!) flew all the way to Texas to spend Christmas with us! HOORAY!!! We couldn't believe our luck!!!
This was the night that they arrived. Melody and Tyler giving the kids a spin on their trikes in the backyard. HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Aaron finally buckled down and got a bike that he's been talking about for the past several years. He was able to pick it up just in time! Let the tricks begin!
Uncle Tyler giving it a spin...
Grandpa Wood took a spin too!
While everyone was biking, I was fine tuning the patterns for KOKKA. It was tricky getting the colors nailed down---I was only allowed 14 colors in the end. And we were having some trouble communicating about the files, so luckily the kids were happily entertained while I worked.

Aaron and his dad were troopers and helped one of Aaron's co-workers by assembling this crazy, huge barbie doll house thing. Such good guys!
We also decided to take advantage of all the babysitters and get my cavities fixed. I'm ashamed/appalled to tell you how many there were! I don't know what happened while I was pregnant! I swear I brushed and flossed---but something definitely happened and my teeth took a hit! Luckily I know someone who can hook me up.

We took the crew to the Arboretum---our favorite place to take visitors! The Chihuly traveling glass exhibit happened to be there and it was so fun to see so many blown glass pieces everywhere.
Tillie loved watching this bride get her bridals done. She about died when she let Til come over by her too. So sweet!

We found the BEST Santa ever! I mean, look at how jolly he is! Such a fun surprise!

Kaleidoscope Benny! random, I know.

Sunday best! Christmas in Texas with short sleeved shirts---but the mother nature changed this scene just days later!

Selfie in the mother's lounge. Dapper Dan by my side.
Who doesn't love a good Sunday nap?
Get a load out of that Christmas forecast!

I made Christmas Eve jammies for the kiddos. And then Aaron and I ordered fun shirts for us all to wear. It's the state of Texas in x's with Wood Family 2012 written inside. I think they turned out pretty fun.

Do you love the chalkboard that Uncle Tyler did?! I do too! Melody and Tyler's stockings were forgotten, so K' did some emergency sewing of new stockings! Luckily, we had lots of fabric on hand (that's weird!) so she whipped up two stockings for them!

Grandpa's Birthday celebration. Happy Birthday on the 24th of December!
Benny's teeny shirt was my most favorite!!!
Miracles of miracles! It really did SNOW on Christmas morning! Can you believe our luck! The kids were dying! And they loved the new trampoline Santa delivered! I got a new lens for the camera JUST in time, too! YESSSS!
So funny that the licorice string ended up drooping making it a sad snowman! HAHA!

Aaron bought me a BOSCH mixer! I was so excited! So we gifted Melody my Kitchen Aid. fun times! So, we HAD to try out the new mixer. Scott made French bread and it was GOOD!

We love when our family helps with fun projects! :) Maybe not so fun for them, but I LOVE being able to have so many helping hands!!! They painted the kids' beds orange for me! HALLELUJAH! It was a big project! So happy Tyler, Scott, and Aaron did that!

The kids couldn't get enough of that snow! It was TOO much fun!

Everyone was a good sport to head to Garden Ridge the day after Christmas so I could get my tall, 9ft. skinny tree! It was 50% off so $50 was a perfect price for my dream tree! Booyah!

The roads were all icy and crazy, so we spent a lot of time hanging out, eating, playing games, and enjoying having our family around! 
My hands were getting worse day by day, though. So frustrating! This is another morning picture---when it was it's worse.

After the Woods left, our house was pretty darn quiet. So, Tillie helped fill the silence by reading to Benito. She loves that slip that used to be mine and Becca's, then Lizzy's.
We also entertained ourselves by finding new ways to get this darling 4 month old to grin! GAH! Too cute!
After we let the beds dry, I put them back in the kids' room! So much fun! I am in love! Thank you, Team Wood!

The kids took full advantage of the blow up beds still up and enjoyed sleeping in the guest room.
Benny, on the other hand, enjoyed his new ball cap. HA!

For New Year's we had our friends come over and we baked cookies and toffee. It was a super fun night!

It was a happy holiday season, for sure! Thank you, Alpine Wood Crew for making the holidays bright for us in Texas!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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