Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Calvin's 3rd Birthday week January 8, 2013

Calvin Malvin is turning three and I wanted to document this dolly boy. Here he is in his new Target LONG SLEEVED tshirt---this boy loves to wear long sleeves and long pants. Luckily, it is January, so it doesn't seem too out of the ordinary. He konked his eye on something---darn it! Oh well, I guess it's good to document the good, bad, and crazy of his toddlerhood!
 He sucks on his bottom lip, and with the dry weather, it makes for a nice red rash under his lip. I'm constantly trying to put vaseline on it, but you can BET that he LOVES that game! ha! His lips seem rather full in these photos---ha! But, alas, that happy face says he's not too worried about it all.

 Cal suggested Benny boy should be in some of the shots too---good thinking, buddy!

There's that genuine, happy smile. Sigh. Such a doll face.

 On to the birthday festivities!

 We set up the birthday boy scene the night before.  

 I love when the kids come out and see it all. Calvino was so pleased. I love his pleased face. Because he'd been doing so great on the potty, we went to the Disney store the night before and he got to pick out Buzz Lightyear. So, now Buzz and Woody could pal around with him. Of course when he came out, he toted them both along. :)

Off to birthday donuts! He was THRILLED to do such a thing!

 We told the sweet Korean owner it was his birthday, so she brought out a bowl and a special candle. It was the sweetest and made the morning even happier!

 On our way home, we had to stop off at Albertson's to grab a few items the birthday boy had requested, and we were shocked to see that Benny fell asleep in the carrier! That never happens!?!

Opening new Golden Books he got for his birthday. I love that my kids love to read!

 Going through a new birthday sticker book from his grandparents! So fun. Tillie made sure to help him figure it out. ;) So helpful, that girl is.

For lunch, Cal requested his favorite, Nachos. Nachos it is! :)

 Next up was making the birthday cake. He had VERY specific requests. He saw a tiered cake and really wanted me to make it instead of cupcakes. Uhhh. Okay. First attempt and probably should be my last. He wanted purple frosting, lots of sprinkles, and Toy Story figures on it. Done and done. Looking OH, so delicious! hahaha! My finest work.

Lucky for us, Aunty Becca drove up from Dallas and joined us for the birthday dinner! She got to play with Woody and Buzz and then gifted Cal his VERY own Bullseye horse to ride!

Next up was hotdogs on fancy Toy Story plates with Mac N Cheese! A perfect meal for a new 3 year old. haha!
 Aaron made sure to pick out Brainquest for Cal. Of course, Calvin is Aaron's mini-me, so he loved it! And he rocked it---knew SO many of the answers for the preschool level. This boy kills me!

Another shot of the amazing cake. By this time, it had "melted" and "slid" a bit. Just added to the affect. haha!
 Admiring the handiwork on the board. I love this boy.
 He had a perma-grin on his cute face all the live long day. :)

 Cal made me in potato form. Thank you, Cal! :)

After the festivities were over, and the house quieted down, Cal climbed on my lap and had me read his new books to him. One of favorite things to do at night is snuggle with Calvin. It's one of the only times he really likes to let me squeeze and love on him. So, we took a few pictures, b/c he LOVES being the master of my phone. :)

What a happy night for our happy boy. Birthdays are my favorite because we all get to celebrate and show these sweet babies how special they are to us. I hope Calvin knows how much we adore him and what a gift he is in our lives! He is smart, darling, fun, and an overall JOY to have in our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. CALVINO!

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