Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend... back to our old stomping grounds: San Antonio!

Ahhh, San Antonio.  We loved living there.  Loved it so much that we were planning to live there for the next several years.  Then, we got the job to come to Dallas... so alas, we moved.

We made a lot of good memories in San Antonio and were excited at the idea of coming back for a little weekend get-away.  Aaron normally works on Saturdays, so taking the weekend to drive back for a visit doesn't happen all that much... actually never.  This was our first trip back.  Since the office was going to be closed both Saturday AND Monday for Memorial Day, we opted to head south.  
Becca had work off too, so we asked if she wanted to join us for our jaunt.
It was a jolly good time.
What am I? British?
update: I found a few more pics on Aaron's computer, so I added them tonight.  lucky you.

Of course we HAD to go to Sea World.  We love that place and miss it so much being away.
Here we are at the new portion of the park, Aquatica.  It was pretty fun.  

Luckily, our friends the Johnsons were able to meet up with us!  It was SO fun seeing them and catching up.  I think it's crazy that I forgot to take any pictures with them!  Too bad, b/c Kate and I looked pretty smashing with our swimsuits and pregnant bellies (we are due within weeks of each other).
Cal zonked out, so we perched his stroller ever so carefully on this picnic table.
ahhh, sweaty times.  Gotta love the Texas heat.
cool family in their shades.  super rad.  for sure.

::: I was so happy that there was a going-away party for one of our friends' family that weekend.  We totally crashed the party and it was SO GREAT to be reunited with so many old friends.  And, since the ward had split since we'd left, it was really fun that we were able to see so many people in one place!  GREAT TIMING, Austad family!  Sorry, no pictures.  I was too busy chatting.

::: Later that night, a few girls met up with us at ColdStone for a little girl's night out.  It was so fun seeing them too! And, we all know my love for ColdStone ice cream.  Win win win.  Again, no pictures! Boo!

::: Several people offered to let us stay at their house through the weekend (which was SO nice!) but we opted to do the hotel thang.  That way we wouldn't have to worry about coming and going, or taking over with our big crew!  It worked out pretty slick for Becca that there was a hide-away bed!  Sweet!
I love watching them sleep.

::: Before we left back to Dallas, we had to drive by our old house.  It was such a weird thing to be a stranger in our old neighborhood.  Kind of a bitter-sweet emotional experience for me.
Aaron was disappointed that the grass got all weedy and gross.  hA!  Since we wanted to get on the road, we didn't stop by and say hi to anyone (in hindsight, we should have! I would have love to say "boo" to a few of our favorites in the neighborhood!).

of course we HAD to drive by the "house that might have been" aka "the house we built and didn't get to move in" aka "the house my dreams were made of".  Dramatic much?
Really, it was kind of healing to drive back to see it and see the owner's stuff in the driveway and garage, you know, to realize it wasn't OUR home anymore.  Even though it was a great house, this new place we're at is going to be awesome in it's own right.  And, there are lots of things about our new place that this house didn't have (like a cul de sac lot, bigger yard, better upstairs, etc.).  So, all was well.  But, no lies, I am not made of stone.  I did get teary eyed as we drove by.
Remember how many things they changed (scroll to the end of that post)?  Looks like they swapped out the front door too.

::: Even though it was Sunday, we knew we had to pull off somewhere to eat... so if we were going to eat anywhere, I thought it would be a good idea to stop off at our favorite Long Horn Cafe.  :) I mean, if I must eat something, it might as well be delicious.  Our friends, the Wildeys were able to join us last minute!  HOORAY! It was so great to see them and hang for a little bit before we REALLY got out on the road.

::: We also were able to stop off at our favorite Kip and Kajsa's house in Austin!  Man, we miss having our dear friends so close in proximity!  It was wonderful seeing them and their sweet kiddos.  And, it was so incredible watching their little Jaylie (who is officially a brain cancer survivor!) in action playing and goofing around.  It did my heart good.  
They were getting ready to move again, so here we are in front of their POD thing...and I'm holding diaper wipes.  Portrait of Perfection.
I love that girl, Kajsa.
Good times.

Later on our drive, we stopped at a rest stop and saw this longhorn.  Of course we had to do a quick photo-op.  

We got back to Dallas on Sunday night, so we could have a day to re-coop before Aaron went back to work on Tuesday.  Luckily for us, our ward here was having a Memorial Day breakfast.  We grabbed delicious doughnuts and headed over.  The kids had a lot of fun in the sand pit... perhaps Cal had a little TOO much fun??

Overall, it was a delightful way to spend the long weekend!  Thanks South Texas for the fun!

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that is sand on his face? how did he feel about it? fun vacation!


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