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february randoms 2012...

February was a pretty full month, in comparison to January.  These two babies of mine (well, not really "babies" but I like to call them that) BOTH got mega RSV and that seemed to take over all of our lives.  First Calvin got it, and then Tillie followed suit... and it became more severe with her.  It was NO FUN.  RSV is for the birds.  They both had to be on nebulizers and take all sorts of different medicines.  

We had a small glimpse into the lives of our sweet cousin/nephew, Krieg, who has to do several breathing treatments with his Cystic Fibrosis.  Because they had seen Kriegers do his breathing treatments several times, they weren't totally freaked out by putting the cup-doo-hickey over their face.   And, I had a new appreciation for all that my sister-in-law does to keep things sterilized and organized to keep medications going around the clock and all the ducks in a row.  She is a CHAMPION in my eyes!

::: We discovered Cal's deep and abiding love of HATS.  He found Aaron's old fedora in the dress up box and it became his new obsession. He would wear it EVERYWHERE.  It was pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

::: I got this sweater several years ago at Kohls.  It is super soft, and I feel like I'm paying homage to my Nordic ancestry when I wear it.  The problem is that I get made fun of when I wear it, so I'm always a little hesitant to pull it out---especially since there are so few days in Texas to dawn such warm threads. Well, I opted to put it on one day and texted this picture to Aaron.  Don't ask me what my face is doing here.  

::: Tillie learned the proper way to do a "thumbs up"!  She used to just raise a random finger to the air, and I thought it was high time this almost four year old did it right.  Here she is practicing right before we made a batch of caramel popcorn (a family favorite, indeed!).

::: Aaron's birthday happened.  It was a delight (as always), and I posted about it here (along with more details about the RSV non-delights).

::: Valentine's day fun was provided by my darling mother, Nana 'Nise.  She is so good to send random packages for the kids to open. Yes, she is a MUCH better mother than I am.  These kids would be deprived without her!!  They both got new little outfits... Tillie got a darling polka dotted hooded shirt with leggings and Cal got a Lightning McQueen shirt and shorts (which he still adores months later!). Thank you, Nana!!

::: Because we had no grand plans for the day, we decided to drive downtown to the BIG D and visit our darling Aunty Becca!  We met up at the big mall across the street from her office building and enjoyed a lovely food court lunch.  It was very fun and we love being able to spend time with that cute girl.

::: I had found a new denim shirt that I was pretty happy about.  My face looks thrilled, right?  I was probably ready to take a nap at this point.

::: Mr. Fun (aka Aaron) thought we should go bowling on one of his days off.  I thought it was a good idea.  The kids thought it was an AWESOME idea.  And, it was.  We all had a great time.  I'm so grateful for a husband who likes to get out the house to go and do fun activities.
Aaron took a bowling class in college (I think I've mentioned that before on the ol' blog) and he is pretty impressive.  Look at how fancy he looks here:
Love this shot of Tillie hugging Cal.  She was so proud of him.
We walked through the arcade on our way out.  Cal was in heaven.

::: My dear friend, Kemy, asked for my help with her darling baby's 1st birthday delights.  She was doing a sport's themed party and wanted a crown for the occasion.  Here's what we came up with.
...and then here are the invites we created.  I think they turned out really fun.  And, hello, look at his darling face.  What wouldn't be cute with that mug on it!?!

::: At Aaron's dental office, they offer a free day of dentistry.  It's a pretty big publicized event here and people even camp out the night before to make sure they can get seen.  They also enlist any other dental professionals in the area that might want to give back... it's pretty amazing to see them all come together for such a great cause.  
It was really fun to see Aaron's face on a t-shirt.  :)  I even requested my very own shirt.  
Here are some of the people waiting in line the night before!  Amazing!
Here is a bunch of the staff and volunteers getting their assignments before they opened the doors.
Here are the docs that came to help out.  Pretty rad.  Did you notice the BYU delight in Aaron's special corner?  Represent, yo.

::: I woke up one morning to him playing out by the kitchen table with his play dough.  Wow.  It's a good thing he knows how to play with it properly and doesn't need adult supervision (apparently! sheesh!!).  Who is this kid's mother?  He was so proud of himself. 

::: Aunty Becca purchased a bike and we were all so happy for her!  Here she is modeling it in our driveway.  Lookin' good, sister.

::: The very same Aunty Becca found some DARLING red shoes for Ms. Matilda Mae.  We had to take a few pictures with them and her polka dotted dress.  Pretty cute.
she does this side-shrug thing that is so funny/odd.  see below.
A little later in the evening, she wanted to go find some flowers/weeds in the backyard.  She quickly found her flip flops and put them on.  I love that they are on the wrong feet and in between random toes.

::: February was also filled with millions of model homes.  We were really trying to hunker down and figure out what our game plan was in regards to building a house or not.  So, we saw pretty much every new neighborhood in the area.  This floor plan and main area layout was BY FAR my favorite (and of course, it was by far the most expensive we looked at! hA!).  I loved it and took several pictures.  In reality, we took a ton of pictures everywhere, but these are the only ones worth posting b/c of how AWESOME it is.
opposite of the kitchen is the family and dining room

::: We went to try out a new pizza buffet during one of our outings.  The place was EMPTY b/c we were so late in the afternoon.  Here's where the kids opted to put their booster seats.  Lovely.

::: In honor of Aaron's new birthday hat (and Cal's new love of all things hats) Aaron decided to go online and purchase a mini Jazz hat for Calvin.  Two peas in a pod, these two.  Pretty cute.

And that, my friends, was February in a nut shell.  A big nut shell.

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