Friday, March 2, 2012

Art show TONIGHT in Salt Lake City!

Dear darling friends...

I realize my absence from the blog-o-sphere... has been very hard for some of you.  Totally kidding.  I started that sentence and had no idea how to finish it.  hA!

Anyway, I have lots to talk about (duh!). I even started a list in my kitchen, by my fridge (my favorite hang out spot) with topics that we need to discuss... STAT.

And, we will.  In good time.

But for now, if you are in the SLC, Utah area and want to have some fun, I think you should head to my friends' print studio for fun.  I'm a part of an art group exhibit organized by some pals of mine.  The show is called "Exchanged Letters" and the opening reception is tonight, Friday, March 2nd from 6-9pm.  The show will run through the month, so if you can't pop in tonight, you should head over another day.  It's at Ink Run Press, 347 East 1st Ave., SLC, Utah.

Here is the fancy postcard they produced for the event:

Take special note at the last name featured at the top.  Thank you.  I have that line ALL to myself.  :)  That was a pretty fun surprise.  Hey, I love the spotlight.

Here's a little tidbit taken from the first email I received about the event:

"We are inviting 26 women artists from various disciplines and stages of their artistic careers to participate.  Each woman will be assigned a letter of the alphabet as their subject matter.  The work can be as literal or conceptual as the artist desires.  Each artist will use their chose media (traditional printmaking, digital print, collage, drawing, etc.) and make an edition of 26 of their assigned letter.  Then we will distribute the artwork out and each artist will have a complete set of the alphabet to bind into a unique handmade artist book."

Pretty cool, right?  I was pumped when I got invited to participate.  The wheels were turning in my head after I got assigned the letter "J".  I took some photos of it, but the lighting was weird before I sent them off, so I'll include a screen shots rather than photos.  Here's what I came up with:

Let's zoom in to one of my favorite features... my brother Jesse's face. One of my most favorite THING that starts with a "J".   thank you.  thank you.

Anyway, it was fun doing it.  And, I discovered how much I LOVE printing on thick cotton paper.  My fancy printer totally rocked with this project and I was so happy.  In fact, I'm trying to track down a great and affordable cotton paper that I can start using for the shop.

So, if you are in the area and want to go see this in person and all the other fun letters, go forth.  I'm sad I'll miss it being down here in Tejas!

Welp, thaaaaaat's all folks.  Happy Friday!


Kristen said...

My favorite was Jesse too. Hilariously cute.

ashmae said...

I love your J! I wish I could be at the opening, I can't wait to see what everyone made. You're stuff is so delightful. You know Maira Kalman's work, right?


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