Thursday, March 10, 2011

end of february / early march 2011

We're back tracking to get up to date here on the old blog.  Aaron said he wanted to help.  That must mean we're REALLY behind.  So, with out further adieu, let's go back to the end of February and first part of March 2011.  Calvin is 13.5 months here and Tillie isn't quite 3 years old yet.  

Here are some pictures of Calvin hanging out in the kitchen.  He's a lot of fun:

::: On Fridays this gym has open time for kids.  We are setting our sights on the olympics in 2024, I hope Tillie will be ready by then:
For now she's too scared to let go of the bar

and we are working on her balance beam routine

rhythm gymnastics

::: On the way home we saw the craziest thing... we were pulling into our subdivision and a guy on a boat was pulling out of it.  Melissa and I look at each other and we are like "What the heck?"  So we turned around the minivan and followed this guy for a bit taking pictures of his boat-car.

::: Everyday at least 80 times Matilda will ask if she can paint.  We let her color as a compromise and she gets very into it.

Well, that's it.

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