Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the kitchen update, feb. 2011

We did a lot in February of this past year (I act like it was so long ago because today IS the first day of March...).  I've never been a HUGE fan of our kitchen cabinets.  They have been fine, but the pinkish/milky/stained/hue hasn't been topping out on my FAVORITE THINGS list.  Kapeesh?  Kapeesh. 

Well, one day back in October, while I was in Boston with my sisters and mom, Tillie thought she'd be a great help and get out the big thing of orange juice and pour herself a glass.  Big help at 2.5, no?  Alas, you can guess what happened.  Orange juice everywhere... including UNDER the fridge.  So, Aaron, being a manly man that he is, decided to clean up the mess and move the HUGE REFRIGERATOR by himself.  Well, it came out of the space fine, he got the mess cleaned up, but then as he was putting the fridge back----riiiiiiiiiip goes the linoleum.  Sad boy.  So, we've had this nice tear for a few months that we tried patching, but we have a curious little 1 year old who likes to mess with it and try pulling it back up.  And, there were knicks and stains and all other sorts of flaws.  Let's just say, Tillie isn't the only clumsy one in this house.  Maybe she got her talent from me?

Honestly, the thing is, the floor wasn't so bad.  The cupboards weren't too bad, but I wanted a fairly inexpensive option to help me with my antsy-ness.  You follow?  I think a good project here is a good thing for your psyche. 

Annnnyway, we've decided to stay here in Texas for the next little while.  So, I took the liberty of making some of my little plans for this house come to fruition---with the help of my boyfriend, life partner, AND husband (lucky for me, Aaron is ALL the above).

Here are some BEFORE pictures (I love a good before and after action):
just say it, you love the cereal selection. now, quit giving us guff!  :)
The process:  
Aaron had a long weekend off from work, so instead of heading up to Austin to celebrate his birthday (more on the festivities later), we decided to take advantage of the time off and start our project.  We started with the cabinets.  We cleaned, sanded, primed two coats and then did a few coats of the actual paint (semi gloss).  It was interesting doing the painting in a day and a half, b/c both Tillie AND Calvin were sick.  Cal had mega diarrhea and diaper rashes + yeast infection galore (poor baby), and Tillie had a cold that just knocked her flat.  Seriously, she was NOT our little happy bouncing kiddo.  She'd just lay on the ground to rest.  And, when I put her in the tub she just stared at the water coming down.  Normally she's asking to get her hair wet, messing with all the toys---it was heartbreaking that she was SO miserable.  
So, between a bare-bummed baby Cal (yes, there were a few accidents of the #2 variety. and no, they were NOT fun to clean up.) and sicko Tillie, it made for quite the adventure.  Luckily, Aaron and I tag teamed that entire day and a half and got the cabinets ready to rock.  
One cool thing to note, since we knew we were going to be covering up the linoleum with faux wood, we didn't stress when we dripped the paint or primer on the floor.  It was rather exhilarating, really.  

Next up was the flooring.  We'd seen some at Costco weeks earlier and noticed they had a rebate that would make them significantly cheaper if we bought them before Feb. ended.  So, we took it as our sign.   :)  And, knowing they came from Costco made me happy.  
We chose a great color and Aaron got to work.  He was THE MAN.  Muscles he didn't know he had were very sore in the days following.  But, man, oh man!  He did a GREAT job!

Aaron spent the better half of the time in this position.  We call it the Asian Squat.  I think he's crazy for doing so much of life like this... but whatever it takes!  And, yes, Tillie is sporting a little petticoat that used to be mine.  She loves it. 
All's you do is snap and click...   :)  Then saw to fit.  Sounds easy comparatively speaking (you know, to normal wood), but it took him a good while to make sure the cuts were perfect.  Aaron?  He's a good one.
he's the bomb.
poor, sick Tillie.  I caught her mid-wipe.
Yes, the house was a DISASTER!  But, it was all worth it.

So, after 3 whole days of blood (not really), sweat (yes, really), and tears (from the kids)---we have our finished product. 
Well, almost finished.  
The curtain?  Yes, I hesitate to even tell you this, but I wanted to wash it up, so I set the colors with vinegar and salt (thanks, Denise) and washed it in COLD and did hardly ANY heat while drying... it SHRUNK!  Like 5 inches shrunk.  
Boo.  Hiss.  
So, alas, I'm going to figure out how to remedy that SOME day... but in the meantime, enjoy the PRETTY MUCH FINISHED NEW KITCHEN.  I smile EVERY time I walk into it---even to do dishes. Now, that's saying something!


I followed one of my favorite friend's lead (Patrice, the great).  She just HAPPENS to have the same chicken in RED, and this is where she puts it.  Don't they say copying is the easiest form of flattery?  something like that...
love this floor.
see the curtain sadness?

This was like the CLEANEST my house has ever been.  So, I took full advantage of the kids sleeping and went around snap happy with the camera.  You want a close up to the fridge?  Sure.  That's fine.

More?  Twist my arm.
Let's walk to the front of the house and check out the Valentine's corner.  I wanted to make a painting similar to the amazingly talented Ana Bond's version (Rifle Paper Co.).  Hers is obviously better, but Tillie and I had fun with this one too.
Here is the birthday card we made for Aaron.  He actually drew that dragon when we first got my new pen tool and were messing around.  I loved it, so I secretly pulled that file out and added a balloon and text.  Tillie was PLEASED as PUNCH to give it to her dad.

Okay, let's go into the middle chunk of the house and take a gander at how CLEAN my kitchen table is (aka my dumping ground).  Denise (to those of you who don't know, Denise is my mom), be so proud. 
And, take a look at the flowers Aaron brought home from the grocery store for me (he was out getting supplies for the flooring and diaper rash cream for Cal's bum.  I would have been happy with just the diaper cream, but flowers too?  Ahhh, I'm a sucker for that romantic gesture.). 

I'd say, giving me a NEW KITCHEN is the best Valentine's Day gift EVER!!!  Wouldn't you?

close up on the cute flowers.
Next, let's address the ARMOIRE that we were gifted from our friends in Utah.  They were kind enough to donate their lovely armoire to us when we moved to Texas with almost no furniture.  A year or so ago, I had the GENIUS idea to put my computer in there and create a lovely home office for myself.  Little did I know that it's been done MANY times before?!  Oh well. It's STILL a good idea.  And, I love that I can just slide in my keyboard and lock the doors to keep little hands away.  Nice.

We painted it white along with the entertainment center back in August when my sister was here.  I'd never posted photos, so here 'tis.
and, yes, that is my yarn wreath project in the corner.  Sorry, I didn't feel like moving it.  :)  One day you'll see the finished product.  Until then, by the armoire it sits...

since I don't have a ton of DESK space, we got this tricky little file-esque drawer thing.  I love it.  I keep pens, papers, note pads, chap stick, cords... you name it.  And, I love the color.  It's been the best little addition to my desk!  oh, and there's the Tifany's planner.  Have I used it?  hmm... once.  I might be doing a "give-away" soon!  hAA!

Here's a little shot of the inside of the doors.  I put some of my favorite pictures and quotes up.  My dear friend, Lou Ann, sent me this card in the mail a while back.  Don't you love that she is carrying a load of laundry down the stairs and says, "oh yeah.. I can't wait to BLOG about today."  hAAA!  I chuckle every time I read it.  
The photo of Aaron and me was on one of our first dates.  Good times.  We were so happy then... (and are so happy now, duh!  I just got a new kitchen, for heaven's sake!).  :)
And, then my favorite children are up here. 
And, then some quotes I like, "To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun? -Katharine Graham 
and the other one says "Let the Beauty you love be what you do." 

This is Tillie's princess chart I made for her a few months ago.  She was (and is) having troubles with the lesson "Quickly I'll obey."  
So, I created something I KNEW would work---ENTER Disney princesses.  
I know.  I know.  What have I turned into?  But, I was DESPERATE!  
Anyway, it's been a great help.  She LOVES filling in the little spaces (so funny) but HATES it when I take them off for naughty behavior (most the time I just threaten and that's enough to do the trick).  I love her little scribbles.  They are so sweet to look at through the day.

Anyway, that's pretty much it.  
Oh, well, here are a FEW more in the late afternoon sunlight.  In case you care (which, you probably don't, but you're gonna see the photos whether you like it or not).

there you have it.  I've finally posted the photos!

Questions you might be wondering:
-  yes, I installed most of the new hardware---BY MYSELF.  :)  Team effort, my friend.
-  yes, it is FAUX wood (linoleum), but it doesn't look as cheapy and as fake as many of the other ones I've seen.  I think it's lovely.  And, that's all that matters.
-  yes, it IS easier to spot crumbs and spills than before.  and, that makes me sad.  It's not as dark as others, but it's still a pretty dark finish.  BUT, I'm still in the honeymoon phase.  I really don't mind mopping up the floor now that I love this room so much.
-  yes, the cereal is back up on top of the cabinets.  honestly, where would YOU put all that cereal?  we're running low on space in this little house.  sorry, charlie.  don't be such a hater.

okay, that's a wrap!


Rebecca Snyder said...

buh-U-tee-full! Way to go. I love love love the new floor. It changes the whole house for the better. I miss that petticoat, but Tillie makes it look good.

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

Everything looks fabulous! Congrats on accomplishing so much with kids that have "extra" needs, nothing is ever as easy as you plan. I just can't get over how great your kitchen turned out! You guys are awesome.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE it! It looks so fresh and clean and just beautiful! I love the color of the floors! I am impressed you did all that with two kids around. Amazing. And I know exactly what you mean about hte power of disney princesses. they will do anything for them!

Tim and Melissa said...

Wow! You guys did such a great job! I love the changes you made! Good work!! I can't wait to chat with you and catch up soon - I hope!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It looks AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! Where did you get your AWESOME Week calendar on your fridge? And where did you get the blue chicken? I have two things I might copy... Miss you!

Sarah said...

oooh! I love it all! I love the floor and the hardware and all the cereal! And as far as the floors showing spots more - seems like a job for a swiffer.

Kelsi said...

Holy cow I am in LOVE with your new kitchen! Your countertops go perfectly with the white paint on your cabinets. At first I thought you had even replaced the countertops! And the floor...LOVE! I can't even tell it isn't real wood! I can't believe how fast you two whipped that kitchen into shape! Nice work!

emily snyder said...

amen to all the above comments!! i LOVE getting a "virtual tour" of your life and home.

goodness, sweet tillie. it makes me sad to see her being sick.

erin said...

Wow, Good job guys!! You are inspiring! Reading this makes me want to paint something. I love the new kitchen. very fresh and fun! Love the quotes you have posted in your computer armoire too! Im going to write those down :)

Mark & Bek said...

Wow, your kitchen looks amazing. I love the floor.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! The kitchen looks great as does the rest of the house.
One thing: I really think you should have Lucky Charms among your cereal selection. Didn't see it, maybe next time.

Janine Padilla said...

Love the new Kitchen !!!! Looks FAbulous!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Amazing amazingness! You guys are just like the NBA --where amazing happens. Love the cabinets! Love the floor. Double high fives on that one! Sad sad about the curtain -- good thing we are going fabric shopping!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the white cabintets. Love love love them. The floor is great too. I also never would have noticed the curtain, it still looks just fine. Great job team Wood.

racharooo said...

Kitchen makeovers are so fun! And I can't believe you managed to do it with TWO children rallied around you. If Cohen were in those photos, he'd be the one covered head-to-toe in white paint and swinging wooden planks around his head:) GREAT JOB GUYS, I love it!

Sarah C. said...

LOVE the new kitchen. WOW!
I also love the new blog header. Especially the LIFE cereal - it always makes me think of Bro. Halverson, how he'd say, "If you can't have one, you mind's well eat it!"


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