Saturday, April 9, 2011

the world spins madly on.

I don't know if you are familiar with one of my favorite bands, The Weepies, but if you aren't, you should get acquainted. They are great. Anyway, I really love most every song of theirs, and the title for this post is actually one of their songs, "World Spins Madly On"---here's the song for your listening pleasure. As I was just barely listening to it, I discovered it's quite SAD and melancholy. HA! Oh well. I still like it.

ANYWAY, I haven't posted in a while. You know that. I do too. Don't you have those times where it feels like life is moving by so fast? That's what this last little while has been like. Here are some of the reasons I haven't stopped to blog:

::: We are building a house.

bad lighting at the Design Center, but here's a little preview.
p.s. the cabinets will be bright white, not the cream color shown.
p.p.s. the swirly carpet in the background will NOT be in our house. In case you were getting nervous.

::: One reason it's been like a whirl-wind, is you get a bonus if you design everything in the first 2 weeks. Boo-yah. I love bonuses. You'd better believe we jumped on that one. Of course, with every decision there are pros and cons.
Cons? Melissa has anxiety issues. Making decisions of any kind wig me out. Heck, I have a hard time choosing a candy bar. Ask me to choose a tile color? Forget about it. But, since that bonus kept dangling in front of my nose, I persevered.
Although, these last few weeks I kept asking myself, "Why did you not save a binder full of your favorite paint colors? favorite features? etc." Oh well. Live and learn. It has been a little crazy trying to figure what things make sense for us, but hello, overall, it's been rad.
I can't wait to show pictures over the next few months. The Pros about this whirlwind--- we did it, and we did it fast. Aaron and I are loving that we can put our feet up and quit analyzing people's soffits and facias. Sounds awkward. It's not. Google it.

::: Keeping your house SPOTLESS (literally) is a work out. Luckily, I love to sweat all the time, so it's okay. Since we have listed our house, it's been a trick to keep every toy tucked away in it's bin, every dish cleaned minutes after they've been used, and every load of laundry put away promptly (I've never been good at actually putting the clothes back in the drawers). But, it's kind of a wonderful thing to walk into your house after a long day and go, "Wow. Our ENTIRE house is in a state of perfection!"---It's a nice feeling, really. Who knew?!

::: Okay, enough about houses. My sister, Emily, just went back to Boston. She got to stay for a whole week!! It was great. Low key. Great conversation. Good movies. Delicious food. Wonderful time. I forget how much I love my family around. She is the bomb. I don't think I took very many pictures, but she made up for it. :) So, once she gets around to posting them, I'll provide the link for your viewing pleasure. I'm good like that.
Just know, it was wonderful having her in my home, playing with and loving my kids, helping me keep our house "photo ready", and just being around her. She's a good one. I can't believe how lucky I am to be her sister.
On another crazy note, she is back in Boston's 42 degree weather. Yesterday at SeaWorld it was 90 degrees. The sun was out! Unfortunately, Cal and Tillie's faces can vouch for that. Note to self: sunscreen needs to be applied more liberally.

::: Speaking of weather, can you believe that it's barely APRIL and we're already in the 90's? Oh my. South Texas summer, here we come. I am constantly thanking the heavens for air conditioning.

::: We went to the NEISD Used Book Sale today. Oh my word. I look forward to April every year in San Antonio. This used book sale rocks my socks off. Unfortunately, I forgot that this year it opened to the public on FRIDAY, so I probably missed some great books yesterday, but don't worry. I got my fair share today. It's great b/c the books are $0.50/paperback and $1/hard bound. Amazing. Pretty much, our home library is is made up of books exclusively from this sale.
I scored some great ones today. In years passed, I went with some favorite friends. But alas, they moved away. I'm thinking next year I shouldn't be so stingy. If you're interested in joining me next time, holler. I have a system now.   I am a pro.

Anyway, that's all for now. We've got an even crazier few weeks ahead of us, but they are going to be SO MUCH FUN.
I'll tell more about it all later, and then you'll see.
Just don't say I didn't warn you.


emily snyder said...

so love your spinning world!! especially since i got to be apart of it for a moment - why does it seem like a moment now that i am back??

i'll upload asap! promise!

Lindsay said...

Building sounds exciting! How's the selling going? Two weeks on the market for us and only one showing. We're getting nervous. It's starting to look like we may have to rent. Good luck to you!

Becker said...

Best of luck on all your decisions! I'm sure your house will be gorgeous and the EXTRA bonus, is you get all the colors you want and don't have to put a single brush into paint. NIIIIIIICE.

Kate said...

You guys have been crazy busy! So fun that your sister was here for a visit, we enjoyed bumping in to you at Sea World! I'm SO bummed I missed out on the book fair, I'd LOVE to go with you next year!

Tim and Melissa said...

Oh the BOOK sad to miss it!! We did that last year too - not knowing we were hitting the public day on day 2, but oh well, we still did great! How exciting that you are building a house. When is it supposed to be finished? I can't wait to see some pics!! I'm loving seeing your updates! Miss you as always!

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

I loved the title to this post--hearing (and loving) The Weepies is pretty much a daily occurrence here at the Bullock home. I don't comment much on your blog, but we definitely love keeping up with the goings-on in the Wood family!


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