Sunday, April 10, 2011

rodeo. 2011.

If you live around these parts, then you are well aware of the phrase, "Let's ROOOODEO, San AntoOOOnio!"  So, if you are familiar with that little jingle, then sorry I just got it stuck in your head.  :)  But, it's for a good cause.

I'm updating my blog.  DUH!

So, back in mid-February we took a little jaunt out to the Rodeo.  Lots of fun.  Tillie STILL talks about how much fun it was.  And, really, it wasn't SO spectacular with amazing things everywhere---but it was good old fashioned fun. 

I'd tell you all about it, but I think you'll catch the drift if you scroll through the photos taken that day.  I love Tillie's outfit.  It happens to be one of Calvin's Sunday shirts.  She rocks it.  And, is it amazing that they are pretty much the SAME SIZE?  Yes.  I'll answer that.  19 months a part and *pretty much* the same size. 

well, go ahead and enjoy ALL y'all.

is it bad that I am kind of gagging when I see these pictures of her touching farm animals?  does that make me a city slicker?
again, the goat hoof over Aaron's arm?  Gagging.
creepy goat EYE?  check!
can't believe how brave this girl is...
oh yes, that is right... she is TOUCHING HER MOUTH!?! IN THE PETTING ZOO---no wonder I am freaking out.  And, yes, this is AARON taking the picture.  Oh my word.  So sickening.  It's a good thing I was in the waiting area with Calvin and didn't spot this---otherwise I would have taken her to the bathroom and sanitized her whole FACE!  sigh.  wow.
a little too drizzly outside for my comfort, but all in all, it was a good time.  And, hello, look how ADORABLE Matilda is with that great orange umbrella.  The next few are too cute for words.
Aaron is a good good man.
Again, my secret fears of farm animals come out.  Hello, did you READ the caption under the MASSIVE horse?  Yeah.  You'd be worried too.
but wow, so impressive at the same time!!
this is the kind of horse I'd like to own---the plastic kind.  :)
yes, I did purchase a matching outfit.  I just don't have many chances to wear it around town. 
pure delight. for so many reasons.  Ewe're special indeed.
Little known fact about Cal---he is in LOVE with anything soft.  No wonder he LOVED the little chickies.  Too cute.
again, Tillie was TOO close for comfort.  And, I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but those pigs were going WILD!  I think that's where we get the phrase, "Going HOG WILD."  Seriously, they were nuts.  And, yes, I am paranoid.
and yes, Aaron heard an ear full as I was demanding he needed to scoot Calvin away from the PIG PEN.  I was sure the pig was going to whip around and bite off his fingers.  Luckily, for ALL parties involved, the pig kept his head in the metal bucket.  Hallelujah.  Close call.
Don't be mad if I wanted to buy a custom sign.  Hello.  How cool would that be?  I thought it would be fun to buy Aaron the one that says, "The Man Cave"---but he didn't think we should.  That's weird.  But wait, I spied something pretty phenomenal...  Do you spy it too?
Let's zoom in.  It was fate.  I SHOULD have bought it right there and then, but alas.  I had to walk away.  Maybe next year...
ahh, gotta love the gross CARNY scene.  Kind of magical, but gaggy at the same time.
Hmmm... I wonder what they sell at this stand? 
the guy trying to convince Aaron to do the dart throw.
Giving it a whirl.
pretty sweet of the guy to give the balloons to the kids.
Wow.  And that is it?  I thought there were a few more, but alas, guess not!  hA!
Well, at least that was a nice happy note to end on.

Note to self, roll up your pants when stomping around in WET and MUDDY Animal stalls.  I had regret all over when I realized my pants were wet to my calves.  Can we say UH OH?  yeah.  uh oh.

Wet pants aside, it was a good time and I think it's safe to say we're gonna be there next year. 

And with that, "LET's ROOOOOODEO, San AntOOOOOnio!"


a pair of pettijohns said...

those are some of the rootin'est, tootin'est, cutest kids i've ever seen! :) and definitely one of the most ginormous horses i've ever seen as well...

way to rodeo, wood family!!

Jill said...

Ha ha, i'm glad you had fun. Your kids look ADORABLE!

Jenni said...

totally off subject, but I see you have a double BOB stroller. Did you ever have the single? Do you love it?

Jordan and Jandee said...

How chic is Tillie with her boots & plaid?

The Girl said...

Great. Now I miss Texas a little. Cutie family in your plaid shirts!

Anonymous said...

Awwwweee! It looks like Tillie and Calvin had a BLAST!! :D I never knew you weren't a pet-the-farm-animals kind of gal!? :) I remember when we still lived in England. There was this petting zoo we went to, and there was this cutest kitten EVER! I was in love. :) He used his little claws and climbed up my shirt. SO cute! :)

Haha, I love the WOODS sign!


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