Saturday, February 19, 2011

the post about my dear friend, Ashley W.

This post is about my dear friend, Ashley.  She moved into our neighborhood a few years ago.  I was a fan.
She's hip.  She's cute.  She's fun.  She's real.
Here's a shot of the darling Ashley.

Anyway, over the years, she and her husband tried to get pregnant, but in the end, each time resulted in a miscarriage.  It was heart breaking.  She was so strong through it all.  I remember one time bawling at the top of her stairs, telling her it just wasn't fair.  It didn't seem right that girls all over the world get pregnant all the time by accident or because of a careless mistake, yet this couple, who is emotionally and physically ready to care for a baby couldn't have that opportunity.  Ashley was strong then (even though I was a mess).

Fast forward.  They decided they were wanting to try to adopt. I was able to help and be a reference for them.  I wrote it all better back then.  Here's a snippet at the end of the letter where it asked "Is there anything else you'd like to tell us..." (or something like that):

"I hope you’ve been able to get a feel for how much I care about this couple through my answers I’ve provided. They are genuinely GOOD people. When others around them, including myself, have been able to get pregnant and start families, David and Ashley have always been excited for them---even when I know that deep inside they ache for children of their own to take care of.

I don’t know why Heavenly Father hasn’t given them the opportunity of having children themselves. But, I do know that He has a plan for each of His children. My mom was adopted, so I have a unique love for women who have chosen to place their children for adoption. My mom was given a life of opportunity and a stable home full of love from two people who weren’t able to have children on their own. I am directly affected by the brave decision that woman made all those years ago. We are forever grateful to her for the foresight she had to give that baby, my mom, a life that she wasn’t able to provide on her own.
I know David and Ashley would do that for any child that comes into their home.
I know that because I know them. I know of their goodness, and I whole-heartedly believe that any child lucky enough to be raised by them would be given a happy life."

Fast forward again.  An amazing expectant mother saw their profile online and wanted them to be her baby's parents.  She contacted them early in her pregnancy and allowed Ashley and her husband to be a part of the whole pregnancy.  They got to go to doctor's appointments and everything.  Amazing.  It really was just a miracle how it all worked out.

Pretty amazing the journey they've been on.  A few weeks ago, they were gifting a BEAUTIFUL baby girl.  She is perfect.  And, she is theirs.  It's wonderful.  And, just this week, they moved all the way across the country to start a new life and a new job---with their new tiny baby!   CRAZY!

the baby shower invite we worked up.  lucky for me, she's a fan of elephants.  and so fun that she loves the colors gray, yellow and light pink.

So, because I'm feeling reminiscent, let's talk about the baby shower we (a few fans of Ashley) threw for her.  It was so much fun having time to think of fun little details.  Get ready for a photo overload (in true Melissa fashion).  And, thanks to all the many supporters who came and "showered" her with gifts!  It was AWESOME!

 Because the lighting was weird with these photos, I just decided to do the rest of them in B&W.  Just in case you were upset by the sudden change.  :)

funny story about this gift above... No, I didn't make her burp clothes with our fabric.  Good gift idea, right?  Someone else had seen the fabric in California, bought some, and then had her friend sew these up for Ashley's present.  Funny, right?  SMALL WORLD.  And, it was fun to see our fabric on such a practical item!  COOL!

And, the last shot was taken with some of the stragglers at the end of the night.  Weird.  I don't know what happened with my face.  Oh yeah, I don't know why I was making a gross face, but everyone else looked great!  And, don't give me guff!  It's my blog, I do what I want!  :)  

There you have it.  A grand party for a darling deserving new mom.  
Good times.  Good times.


Janine Padilla said...

What a great Shower!! I am SO wishing I could have been there. I only hear bits and pieces through Travis' quarterly trips to SA about how Dave and Ashley are doing.... I can't believe they are gone!!! It's SO nice you guys were able to throw her an amazing shower. I loved all the pics and I miss seeing all of you wonderful ladies!!!

Tiff and Chris said...

What a sweet story! You're such an awesome friend-looks like y'all had a good time.

The Girl said...

Oh wow! You are too too sweet! I dont even know what to say! Looking back we (you and me) have been through a lot in our somewhat short friendship together!

All I know though is I miss you and those cute kids already! Thanks for everything!!!

P.S...your new blog design is super cute!


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