Saturday, February 19, 2011

calvin. the big boy at 12 months.

Calvin turned a year old. 
He is the best. 
Here are some pictures I took of him after we got back from Utah.  He wasn't in a major smiley mood.  And, I think that's just fine.  It's nice to get some non-Cheeser-grins for a change.  There are more photos of this big boy coming in another post... but for now, I thought I'd put these ones up to tide you over. 
And, yes, his shirt is mostly purple.  And, yes, I think of the classic Jazz colors when he wears it.  And yes, Aaron's love of the Utah Jazz is rubbing off on me.  And yes, that's okay.
Calvin is a 12 month old child in 2T clothing.  That's right.  He's a big boy.  Many people think I'm lying when I tell them he's only a year old. I just respond, "There's just more of him to love."
And, love him we do.

blurry, but he's just doing a real smile. I had to post it.

Alllllll  better.

That's it for the moment.  Much much more to come. 

1 comment:

emily snyder said...

what is that blue wall?? or is it posterboard??

dang, that boy is sooo sooo wonderful and cute!!


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