Friday, February 18, 2011

Last part of Christmas fun & Cal's 1st Birthday Bash in UTAH, Jan. 2010

So, I remembered about these photos that my family took on a different camera.  I thought I'd post these b/c who doesn't love a little Christmas Matchy Matchy fun?  oh, you're excited.  I can feel it.  Jesse is the only one missing.  He is currently WHOOPIN' it up in China.  He was definitely missed, especially in these family Matchy photos.  He's always the highlight of the picture.  Here's hoping he can be around next year.  :)

::: Just a cute shot of Cal.  He's a funny one.

::: We went to Cafe Rio one night.  I always forget how delicious that place is.  So good.
Caught Aaron at the PERFECT moment in the background.

::: Let's talk all about Cal's FIRST big birthday bash!  We had the party over at G & G Wood's house.  When we were pregnant with Calvin, we knew that we'd probably be choosing the date of his c-section, so we asked Caden (Calvin's cousin) if he was okay to share his birthday.  Caden was pretty stoked and said yes!
Fast forward an entire year... It was pretty fun to do a joint birthday party for the two good lookin' birthday boys!  Here's the little invite I made up for our families.
On our way to the party. I think Cal knew something CUPCAKES were in his near future.
pre party snacking.
not quite walking yet... still giving it a good effort.
some of the party go-ers.  It was Wood/Snyder/Cousin fun.
checking out the cupcake.  the birthday boy is feeling good.
consuming one of the cupcakes.  the other birthday boy is feeling good too.  hA!

Caden is so sweet with the kids.  He was such a doll to Calvin.  What a great cousin! And, so fun that Cal gets to share his birthday with him.  Yes, they're both keepers! 

*Lizzy and I tried our hand at making sugar cookies with my new cookie cutters.  These were some of our best.  I have a feeling Martha isn't going to be needing our mad skills anytime soon.  We'll keep practicing.
 *More playing and having fun.
All in all, it was a good day.  So fun to be able to celebrate with our families---especially on the ACTUAL day of Cal's birth.  It's days like these that make us miss Utah more than ever.  I know we're biased, but we think we have the BEST FAMILIES EVER!!!
I have more pictures to come of the Cal, the birthday boy.  But, I thought these would be fun to post for now with the rest of the Utah fun.

We flew back to Texas the next day.  But before we hopped in the car to the airport, I remembered that I hadn't taken any real pictures of Tillie playing in the snow.  So, we let her take one last round around my parents yard.  She was a fan. 
And, there you have it.  The successful and wonderful Utah Christmas trip of 2010.  Thanks to our families for the FUN and FABULOUS time.  We love you guys.


a pair of pettijohns said...

how much do i love your new blog look? about a TON. it's fantastic. thanks to reading in reader, i have NO idea when you did it, but whenever you did, i'm so glad :)

great update. that sure is one heck of a CUTE birthday boy!!

The Cook Family said...

Thanks for making me feel a teeny tiny bit better about not posting Christmas yet! I feel empowered!


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