Monday, December 13, 2010

playing catch up... once again.

So, my friend Ashley suggested that this idea was a little lame, but I'm lame. 
You know that by now.
Enjoy the fruit of my labors this evening...
I decided to put these in chronological order, so when I print the ENCYCLOPEDIA of our LIVES, it will be in order.

Here's an August one.  Including hits like my birthday, painting furniture, and Emily coming to town.

The beginning of October and the special German festival known as OKTOBERFEST.  Check it out here.

And, then Mr. Cal-Darling-Face at 9 months in October.  See him in all his glory here.

More to come.  Hopefully sooner than later. 

1 comment:

elements: overexposed said...

Tell your friend she's lame for thinking you are lame...ha ha ha. Totally kidding! I don't want to start any fights now. I LOVE that you are playing catch up. I too have some to do...from August no less!

Love you girl!



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