Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm not going to be lame like the local news and make you hear all sorts of things you don't really care about---just to keep you around.  Here's the LEGIT winner:
That would be NICOLE!  She kindly said,

Is she nice or what?!  I'm pretty sure I know which NICOLE this is, but in case I'm wrong, Nicole, send me your info. at melimba [at] gmail.com

Thanks for playing, friends.  It made my heart swell with each and every comment.  You really are too nice.  

In other news, last night Aaron was unavailable for dinner (per his usual. long long work days). So, I invited George to come instead.  I'll tell you this much, George isn't much for conversation, but he cooks a mean hamburger.  That's why I've had him around so often.  Especially when Aaron is away.


Now, before you think I'm totally scandalous (I'm all about shock factor), I probably should go into more detail about WHO George is and what my relationship is with him.  He's been all over the news and is a 2 time world heavyweight boxing champion.  Ring any bells?  Yes, it's THAT George.  I call my grill "George" for short, b/c when you are in a hurry, it's too monotonous to say, "Let's get the George Foreman Grill out..."

When it comes to food, we're usually rushed.  I'm not a big prep gal.  When we're ready to eat, we're REALLY ready to eat.  That's why it would be good if I changed my ways and started PLANNING dinners... but alas, isn't that why we have FREEZERS?  Pop it out of the freezer, defrost WHILE you are cooking it, dinner in 15 minutes.  We're high class over here.  Say it.  I know you were thinking it.

ANYWAY, I have been inviting George to cook our meals for the last few weeks.  He's fast.  I can put frozen hamburger patties with a little seasoning and BAM! 10 minutes=gourmet meal.   And, I have the grill with the REMOVABLE grilling trays.  Priceless.  (well, not really, I think you can snag one for $29.99, but mine was given to me as a gift, so it was literally price-less to/for/? me)

So, there you have it.  Two winners.  Nicole and George (or some people in my 'hood say JORGE).  Either works.

I have more to post at a later point.  Wait, I ALWAYS have more to post.  But will do it later, skater.
Thanks for the kind words about Winslow and thanks for playing.  It made me feel good.


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