Monday, December 20, 2010

for your entertainment...

As my gift to you this Christmas season, enjoy a little entertainment.  Actually, these are all suggestions given to me from my internet savvy husband, Aaron.  He emailed all of these links to me and I thought you might benefit from them too.
So, Merry Christmas.

:::  This was cool but irritating at the same time.
It's a color test where you have to put the hues in the correct order. 
Your eyes might play some tricks on you.  It's intense and not for the faint of heart.  But, if you're up for a challenge, click here.
Aaron finished first and his score was 98 (not-so-hot).  When I did the test, I got a 7 (the best score you can get is a ZERO).
Needless to say, I did a victory cheer from my desk and was like, "What now, Foo!?!"
Aaron's response:  "You're probably going to blog about this, aren't you?"

You know it.

So, if you're up to it, go take the test. 

::: To all you San Antonio Spurs fans (we are JAZZ fans in this Texas household), watch this funny FAIL video.  Too funny.
::: If you're up for some listening AND you're a BEATLES fan, then you'll love what Aaron found on the Mentalfloss blog.   Have you ever heard of this site?


It's a "web project devoted to re-recording every Beatles song, using ukuleles, and posting the songs for free online".  Awesome or what?  
Here are a few of favorite posts... all you do is click on the link and if you click on the blue link with the title of the song, it will play it for you.  Then, if you love it, download it for free.  Win win win.
My most favorite so far is this one:
But I like these as well:

::: This was pretty fun to watch.  It's an 8 year old break-dancer TOTALLY showing up the older guy. I felt cool just by watching this video.  It's a longer clip, but we thought it was fun to watch.  Amazing.


::: This one was so moving.  Aaron found it on TIME's Top 10 of Everything from 2010.  It is a video about a guy who talks about his dog.  They film the last day spent with his dog before they had to put him to sleep.  It's called "Last Minutes with ODEN" and we both cried when we watched it.  I will warn you, there are a few swear words, but it is so moving that I think it's worth watching.  

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

:::  And, to end on a lighter note, here's another funny FAIL snippet (voted in the top 10 for 2010)---no photos or video, just listen.  Make sure your volume is turned up.  We both died laughing... Aaron especially was cracking up.  Give this one a go too.

Anyway, there you have it.  A little gift of Entertainment from us to you. 


Adams Family said...

LOVED these!
Thanks for providing hours of entertainment for my company! haha. We loved that color test too. SO FUN. If your a color snob like me. Now I'm obsessed with getting a perfect :)

Also, your little "staycation" was definitley a success...what a terrific idea, and such cute pictures!
Merry Christmas!!!

Melody Wood said...

I took the test(: I got a twelve! woo! haha! I love these links! They are all so funny. I am super pumped for you guys to come up(:

Becker said...

EIGHT! Not bad for a health major ;)


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