Wednesday, March 24, 2010

curious about something?

ok, ok, at first I thought this idea was really strange, and I'm not super into Facebook or Twitter (still don't really understand "tweets")... but this new thing is pretty interesting.

Have you ever heard of formspring? Essentially, you can go to the site and anyone can ask a question anonymously (or with a name) and I will try to answer it. You can ask questions about my paper goods, fabric, or whatever else you've been "dying" to know. :)

A few of my friends have done it and it is pretty fun to see what people have asked them and see the responses they give. And, I may take some of the questions and make them into posts. For those of you who sometimes like anonymity, like me, this might be a good venue.

Anyway, if you want to try it out, I have a new link on my sidebar that says, "Curious about something?" you can click on that and it will lead you to my formspring site.

Ta ta for now.


Heather said...

just read this post of yours... and right below it in google reader was this post...

with your cute fabric! you are so famous! :)

Kali said...

Hey Melissa. Just saw your fabric featured on this blog and thought it was pretty cool. Here is the link :)

Kali said...

haha just saw the previous comment...well there you have it:)

the cummins said...

hi melis, it's bekah's sister leah here. just thought i would pop in and tell you a couple things.
1) i saw your birth announcement at bek's house a couple a weeks ago and - woah. super cute baby. super cute big baby. and super cute announcement.
2) tillie might just be the cutest kid i've ever seen. even if she licks the toothpaste off her fingers. and p.s. kids can eat way worse things than that. give the sister some props for liking minty fresh breath. :)
hope you are well!

kanishk said...

love the idea from the comment above about music fabric too. I also like cute patchwork robots or something like that. Also..cute punk (guitars) material.
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