Monday, February 2, 2009

the MOTHAH load.

"It's Christmas time and time for a carol..." oh wait! yeah, that was a WHILE back, wasn't it?
oh well.
I'm posting pictures NOW. And, for most of you, you won't care. And, that's okay, because I don't care about a lot of your Christmas family pictures either. :) hA! There I said it!

But, because we have a darling sibling in North Carolina who wasn't a part of this year's festivities, AND our family loves to see pictures of themselves---here we go!

These are NOT in reverse order of when they happened... so, you will literally be REWINDING when you see them.


The annual Snyder family Christmas picture.

Matilda in my my mom's new craft room. She was gutsy and painted the walls LIME green
and I helped her make these darling pillows. Pretty fun, eh?

hanging at the Snyder home.

Notice Matilda's big konk on her forehead. The day before she lost her balance and tipped right into the molding of the laundry room door. I, of course, was terrified, thought I should rush her to the E.R., b/c it created a HUGE goose-egg right away and turned purple within 30 seconds... but, I had my mom come home from a meeting and she helped me check it out. We have a feeling that the incident was the first of many bonks. Sad day. What a dolly!

hanging with friends. we love adam and ashley. too bad I look like I just woke up.

Tillie chillin' in the SIT UP position. Good girl. And, playing with Aunty Becca.

Baby Shower for Rachy Roo! (who has now given birth to a darling little COHEN!!!)
Look at this crazy bunch of girls, all of whom I love so much!
These group shots seem to change a bunch over the years?! :)

chillin with the snyder family at winger's (a utah county stand-by). I HATE that sign in the back.
It makes me gag every time I read it.

got to chill with our favorite washitonians...chris-face and kem-sters! holla!

aaron and I went on a "real" date by ourselves and this was the decor at the restaurant.

Don't worry the lovely stetson featured below has REAL SHADES on.
Truly, the dark sunglasses are REAL. Glued on. Looking awesome.
My reaction to the awesome portrait. Perhaps i can commission the artist to do a rendering of me!!? Aaron looks drugged in this shot, but, I assure you, he is on a NATURAL high from the beautiful painting.

hristmas at the Wood's!!
The senior portrait is in loving memory of our favorite missionary who is currently in North Carolina.
HOLLA to TYLER! I love that someone brought that out.

Caden showcasing his new monster beanie that yours truly made. All the little cousins got one.

our attempt to get a group shot. Lydia and Matilda's hats had a bow and puckered lips...
you know, to make them a bit more feminine.

Matilda didn't really care about the presents this year. But, she did, however, LOVE the wrapping paper.

Gotta love Klinton's reaction to his "creeper seat". Now, if that isn't sheer joy, I don't know what is.

Playing with the goods.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. These two played GREAT together! Max and Matilda... about 10 months apart,
but they look so similar in these pictures! Too cute. How fun to have such darling cousins!

The Wood house at night! Good job capturing this, Aaron.

Grandpa Wood's birthday is on Christmas Eve. Look how excited he is to blow out his candles!

Random Christmas shots we love.

Mr. Adam featured below. Yes, ladies, he is single. :)

Caden and I whoopin' it up at Ping Pong. I acted like I was a champion, but I'm not THAT great.

Tillie Mae with Grandma Petty. We sure do love that lady!

More of the darling duo...

Grandma Wood and the kiddos.

***Okay, you made it through all the Christmas fun. Good work.
You deserve some sort of prize. Look at how grateful Matilda is.
The end.


Rebecca Snyder said...

oh yeah! Great times all around. One concerning thing-- you say hey ladies Adam is single, but you say nothing when there is a picture of me... but either way good times, good times.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Great post! I loved catching up on some of your Christmas festivities!

Anonymous said...

i can sleep tonite because i am caught up on princess tillie pics and all the other pics of my brothers and sisters that i claim even if i am not related here in mortality! hey kemi and chris look great! of course.
xx00 christine

Kristen & Brooks said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at all your pics! It looks like ya'll had a blast and have the most fun family!!!! ...and I want to know who is older..Max or Tillie...they look the same age (def not 10 months apart!)


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