Friday, January 30, 2009

i had a dream...

This morning I woke up sweating because of my dream. I dreamt (is that even a word?) that I was in a scary part of Chicago where hundreds of dogs come out of hiding in the night. For some reason I was by myself and didn't know about this creepy place.

Anyway, a Great Dane---(capitalized for extra emphasis on the dog breed. you see, I had a run-in, literally, with this type of dog. for the record, HE hit me. the dent on the side of our car will prove it. it was a day i'll never forget. maybe, if you're lucky, i'll give more details later).

ANYWAY, so this Great Dane jumps on my back! Like, paws on my shoulders, heavy, feel like I'm gonna die situation. So, knowing that dogs attack when there is fear (actually, I don't know that, but it seemed right in my dream), I acted like I liked the dog and it was playing with me. I kept saying, "Good dog! You are so funny!" but inside I was terrified.

Fast forward to a random series of events (which always seems to happen in dreams), the dog walked around with two paws on my shoulders (like it was dancing backwards with me), and I finally escaped, crying and sweating.

this is like me and the dog, but I was facing the opposite direction. And, interesting to note, this was JUST LIKE the dog I hit. My dad didn't believe me that there was such a thing as a BLACK AND WHITE SPOTTED GREAT DANE. He kept saying that I must have hit a Dalmation!! Finally I proved to him that the miniture HORSE I had hit, was indeed, a Great DANE! Goodness. I don't know many breed of dogs, but I knew this one!

So, I wake up, yes, sweating (nice visual), and I am vowing to myself never to get a dog and reminding myself why I hate dogs, and then I turn over. Guess who the Great Dane was? Aaron. hA! He must have put his hands on my shoulders, because there they were, outstretched in Mummy fashion.
Good story, right?

I know, lots of times it is hard to listen to other people's dreams---but, good work. Big finish. Moral of the story---?? I am NOT a fan of dogs. Or Great Danes for that matter. And, Aaron? Keep your "PAWS" to yourself. :) jk.

Why have DOGS on the brain as of late? My Uncle Jerry asked me to create this little ditty. He, my uncle, is a HOOT! At Christmas he kept saying about the Honey Ham, "This is some GOOD PIG!" over and over. It was hilarious. Aaron and I still laugh about it.

This is his dog.

I like some dogs. This is one I like.

Bye for now.

P.S. Remember who is 9 months old!?!? She is such a doll. Can't get enough of this girl. I have a BIG post coming soon, where you will die b/c she is getting so old and even more adorable (did we even think that was possible?)


Lyssa said...

cute little doggie..the little one, not the huge one. I too am not a fan of dogs..ugh! they are like another kid..I don't get it!
Anyways, i'm going to have to get my hands on that simplify book! I need to do that before we move!
And hello? Carpenters!! My last post was titled that because of Karen and I hadn't even read your post yet..I htink it's fate...

emily snyder said...

about flipping time you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BETH said...

Funny funny story. I love that you included a picture to demonstrate dancing with a dog. What phrase did you google with to find that picture?
I love your gray dog with the balloon.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I am cracking up right now! Loving this story! Talk to you soon!

annie and jared said...

melissa, that just made me laugh really hard!! i love that you were all acting like you thought he was funny- i do that exact same thing when I dream about dogs! 2 nights ago I had a dream/nightmare that a huge dog was jumping up on me and in my dream I punched it in the face... then to my shock and amazement, i woke up to realize that I had punched jared in the face!!! he was all mad, but it really wasn't my fault. I guess we have a lot in common, definately not a big fan of dogs!


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