Thursday, February 12, 2009

shout out.

Just wanted to give a shout out to a jerk-face dryer repairman.

Don't worry, he tried to tell me off on the phone---but, I stayed cool calm and collected (thanks to my extensive training in customer service. (yhe Mipp is to thank)) and, in the process, put him in his place. He's toast. And, not getting any more money from me. No sir.

What he will be getting, however, is a pretty nasty letter. In my first draft I used profanity like, "butt" and "butt head"---words that were banned from the Snyder household. But, yes, I was THAT mad.

Now, I have cooled off. I deleted those words. And, still have a broken dryer.

So, anyone know a good dryer repairman in the area? We're definitely looking. hA!

But, in other news, I think these peonies look nice and cheery. Here's to new spring time drawings.

Hey, can you blame me? It is like 80 degrees here.


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I don't know about you, but seriously there have been A LOT of lame people lately and I feel like I have had one too many of the above featured conversations that you had with beloved "dryer-man" lately. Maybe I am a little bit more easily bothered while I a pregnant, but seriously...there are just some really "special" people out there and I have come across too many of them lately. :) I sure hope that you are alright. What a terrible, no-good thing to deal with!

Happy Birthday to Aaron! I give him 15 extra awesome points for being in his third year of dental school in San Antonio. That's saying a lot!!! Way to go Aaron!

And may I just say I want to squeeze that cute doll face of a daughter you have?! Seriously! How can the girl keep getting cuter and cuter?! I HEART every one of those pictures you posted. I can't believe how old she is getting!!!! You need to post a video of her. Because I feel like I am missing out on a critical part of her life. :)

I love you tons!

emily snyder said...

i miss you. lots.

The girl said...

Good luck with the dryer. You can use mine if you need it. Quick question though...are you ever nervous your "secrets" blog will accideltly become public and your secret thoughts will be out there? I don't want to frek you out...but i was just wondering. I checked...and it's private. Don't worry! Maybe I shouldn't have asked.

Kristen & Brooks said...

I LOVE LOVE your fun flowers! You are so crazy talented!! And it's a fun talent!! ...and I love all of Tillie's pictures...she is truly such a little doll and is getting so so adorable! I have loved seeing her lately and we should really try to get together more!!! March 2nd!! :) Can't wait!! Have fun with your Mom!!

azufelt said...

Apparently I need to hear this whole dryer story... How oh how do I miss out on all these good stories?

Lyssa said...

Hey, crafty lady!
I gave your blog an go check out my "stuff"

Dani Carby said...

Okay, serioulsy, you are hilarious. If I was to regularly check anyones blog it would be yours. Because everything you say puts a smile on my face. Anyways. Talent? You've got some talent. Not only are you naturally cool and funny (I have to try to be - and yet I fail) but you're a great artist and writer. I was thinking of a logo for my little Twirlybird Boutique and first thought of you as someone who could help me out. You're amazing. Any suggestions?


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