Tuesday, February 10, 2009

little miss 9 month smarty pants.

what a nut.
this blog has been lacking in the Little Miss department. So, without further adieu, may I present, Tillie Mae. (I was thinking that I would write, "for her aunts, uncles and mostly her grandparents" but really, you will all benefit from these smiles. So, I won't apologize that there are A LOT of pictures).

this next one you will see her concentration face. She does this with her lips when she is really focused.
It kills me. So funny.
A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE for this little dear. You couldn't tell, could you? Nope. Didn't think so.


emily snyder said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you have the CUTEST baby in the universe?? how do i get to be an aunt to the cutest baby ever????

i LOVE them!! i think they are cuter that the JCPenny ones!

Katie said...

She is ADORABLE!!!


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