Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dear printer.

well, the trusty-hand-me-down printer that my parents so graciously bestowed upon me a few years ago is about at it's wits end.

as I was printing out our Christmas cards, we got a JAM. A bad jam. One that made me wonder if-I-could-finish-my-Christmas-cards-Jam. We were so close to chucking the thing out the window (well, I was) and then, I told Aaron, "I didn't work at the BYU copy center for 1.5 years and then at Moon Mippy for 2+ more years (working mostly with printers, mind you) to lose a battle with my own printer! I can fix this! I am the queen of fixing paper jams!"

I really said that. Maybe I didn't use exclamation points while doing so (matilda was asleep in the next room, duh). But, I did say those words.

And, yes, with my renewed vision, I was able to conquer.

Black sooted hands and a few scrapes later (real battle wounds), I won.

However, the printer is looking grim at this point.

Pray for printer.

Must pull through.

too many things to still print ....

(the extra spaces was to add emphasis on the sputtering out motion).

In case you wanted to see last year's card, I'll show it to you.

front of card.

inside the card.

This year's card---well, let's just say, Aaron and I are thinking we are pretty clever!! But, I won't ruin the surprise... yet!

Also, a word to the wise... for all your holiday baking and transporting, please feel free NOT to use the following product:it doesn't CLING as the title implies. Can we say LAME??
Instead, feel free to purchase this product. You can thank me later.
(remember how these images I pulled off the internet have a huge white area around them, making them seem a little more important than they really are. Sorry. That's what happens sometimes.)

okay, that's all for now.
happy holidays. stay cool over the summer. i mean, the holiday break.

or my favorite was always, "See ya next year!" as I headed out the school doors. I was always pretty clever like that.


Becker said...

Oh, Melis! Have you tried "press and seal"? It's remarkable. No. It's stunning. No. It's MAGICAL. Please try. Do.

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

I was just scrolling through your blog and say the Christmas card announcing you were pregnant and I thought you were announcing again!!! CRAZY!

I also hate the cling wrap- unfortunatly I am too cheap so I have to use it all before I can get something new. I will try that one!

We don't have a printer- I can't ever figure them out!

ps- did you get my email?

Kristen said...

I should commission you to write my cards. Very cute. And I vote to spend the surplus office funds on new chairs instead of a new printer. :P

Kristen & Brooks said...

Did you get your tweazers out?? haha. Stinky printers....

I can't wait to see what clever card you came up with this year!!! :)

Abs said...

oh sister wood! im sorry about your printer... i guess it really made you frustrated... when i saw your christmas card from last years, with the words "im prednant", i seriously thought you were reight now... wow! cant wait to see your christmas cards, they'll be beautiful! heres my blog like you asked. see you on sunday!

azufelt said...

Why are YOU the gifted one that comes up with such orinigal joke talent... "see ya next year"? I mean, that's nearly stand-up worthy right there....

Yeah, feel ya on the paper-jam-ness... I want to huck mine out the window some days.

Love the last year's card, although it doesn't even pale in comparison to this years...!

Tyler and Erin said...

So cute. You are stinkin talented and creative. I just resort to the cheap picture/card from wal-mart or an online photo store. :-)

Shannon said...

Oh Melissa - you are AWESOME. So awesome. Have I ever commented on your blog before? If not, forgive me - because I do stop by occasionally for a smile or two. I pretty much LOVE your wit and all-around goodness. And your lil' one! Melissa - she's gorgeous! Such a happy one, from what I can tell. Sounds like life is treating you so well. That makes me happy, because I can't think of anyone more deserving of a happy life. Keep it real, my friend! ;)
Love ya!


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