Tuesday, December 16, 2008

thanks to the fiddler... on the roof.

here are some shots from the month of December that we especially enjoy.
merry merry.
the fruit of his efforts.
in his words, not mine, "what should have been a 45 minute job, took the entire saturday. grhbh."

shopping at the outlets.
we have a BORN shopper on our hands.
SHE LOVES shopping. Especially when her dad is toting her around.

Pictures we thought about doing on our Christmas card... but instead, did something entirely different. Enjoy WAY too many pictures of us.

and last, but not least---here's the doll, herself, relaxing. Notice her feet. She kills me.


Ashley Walch said...

She is seriously so cute! Im jealous! I need to get myself one of those :)

Tyler and Erin said...

How cute is that with her feet crossed and all. What a cutie and good job on the lights Aaron.

Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my lands. only a few more hours until we meet again. Dude, your kid is tall and your hair is way long. When we reunite I think I will say, "hey is that you why you're hair got so long, yeah yeah I love it, I really do."

Jordan & Jandee said...

there is no such thing as way too many pictures!


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