Sunday, November 12, 2006


Oh dear... aaron and I are remembering about the stress of worrying about if we'd be accepted to dental school...or where we would end was all a HUGE QUESTION MARK! AGH! It was awful. The reason I am reminded, is because Michelle's hubby, Marc, is in that same waiting game. Rachy's husband is too! Sheesh! It is awful. For you two, my heart goes out to you!

Well, in a few minutes we are going to head over to some of our new ward friend's house to go eat some REAL Italian food. I visit teach with Christine, who has lived in Italy for the past 25ish years. So, she wanted to show us how to cook pasta and sauce the "right" way. Man, depending on how good it is, we might have to stop buying the premade $1 a can sauce. We love the sauce that we usually have, so, I say, bring on the competition! * ha!

FYI...instead of me making these little smiley faces :) as shown, I will use the star key. As shown above. Just so you know, okay?

FAST FORWARD...a few hours...almost four hours-----zip! Now here we are in the present. We just got back from our friends' house, Kemy and Chris Bates (he is finishing up a Dental residency here in San Antonio, they came here from Boston, where he just finished dental school) and it was SOooooOOOooooOOOooo much fun. I told Aaron that I really liked this Kemy a few weeks ago, and that I knew that he'd like Chris, and tonight we ate over there. Two of her sisters and one of her brothers were in town en route from Philidelphia to Utah. They were so much fun. I haven't laughed that hard for such a long time. It was great.

We're finally starting to settle in here. I am making good friends and feeling like we're kind of a part of life here. It is good. It has taken how many months to get "here"? oh, yeah, almost 5 months--but it is finally coming. I am not super home sick EVERY single day of life anymore, which is probably a positive. * Right? yes.

Anyway, we have full bellies, both of us have a computer in our laps, and I am in the La-z-boy...livin' la vida loca. That is right. Feeling good here in Texas.

oh, i just remembered how much I loved these peonies that I got from Costco last year. Aren't they such a wonderful flower? I think they are my most favorite right know, of all the flowers in the world? these are great.


Marc & Michelle said...

I've been waiting and waiting for this moment...a second post. I check in on you everyday in hopes of seeing something new. I am glad to hear you guys are settling in and feeling more at home in San Antonio. Yea for you! :) Serious, its hard to make changes in life and especially go from our comforable little Alpine. You guys are so much fun and always make me (and Marc) smile, so its not hard to see why you guys would make friends easily down there in Texas. Good job for getting out and meeting people! We sure appreciate your friendship and support! And hopefully we will all be out of this "waiting game" soon! (Sorry this is such a long comment). Love your guts...and everything else!

Kimi said...

Hi, my name is Kim Wiberg. I was roommates with Kemy at Ricks and I am trying to connect with her through my blog. I searched in blogger and her name came up in your blog. Do you know if she has a blog? Thanks, Kim.

Kimi said...

I'm so silly. I have Kemy's email so I asked her myself. She's so fun, I'm miss having her around.
Take care,


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