Tuesday, March 6, 2012

something exciting...

Let's just cut to the chase... yes, you read right.  We're having a baby.  That's why I'm especially lazy these days.  Biggest symptom for me: feeling like I need to sleep around the clock.  Hence, the reason I'm not on here talking about all the crazy/exciting/random/weird things going on in my brain.

Here are some out-takes from our little photo session.  It was dark outside, I didn't feel like getting out the big camera (remember, I'm really lazy these days), and I wanted to get the news out to our family... so these are the funny shots we got.

The history of the baby onesie.  We sent one of these to each of our families when we found out we were pregnant with Tillie.  And, then we got it back to use for the wee one.  Here Matilda is sporting it for the first time.

Then we pulled it out and added a #2 to announce via photo that we were having Calvin.  

And, here is pudgy Calvin sporting the onesie in the hospital.

Below are the pictures from the night we found out we were pregnant... back in January.  Actually, it was the night BEFORE I was leaving to St. John with my sister.  We had an idea that we might be pregnant (we'd been planning/hoping for a while), and as I was packing that night the idea popped into my head to take a home pregnancy test.  
I told Aaron I should wait until the morning b/c that's when the tests are most accurate... but Aaron convinced me to take it right then (we were eating dinner).  Of course I was antsy, so I did.  
And as soon as I saw the results, I didn't have an appetite anymore.  
In fact, I started bawling my guts out.  
Now, don't confuse the sobs with unhappiness for Baby #3---it was called SHOCK.  It was the realization that life would change.  I remembered things like gaining so much weight.  I remembered how hard it was to lose the weight. I remembered being so tired.  I remembered the late night feedings and nursing woes.  Then I remembered that I already have 2 crazy toddlers---what were we thinking adding a newborn to the mix?!  It all hit me at once.  
And remembering all that makes a girl like me cry like a tiny baby.

The kids had no idea why I was a basket case... Aaron was doing his best to comfort me and hide his silly grin (he was thrilled, of course).  So, he did the best thing ever... he took me into the computer and pulled up a ton of videos of my Tillie and Cal as tiny babies.  

And then I remembered the magic of a newborn in the house.  I remembered all the sweet late night feedings when the house was quiet and it was just me and that sweet baby.  I remembered how much I loved nursing them.  I remembered all the amazing women I know who have tried and tried for years to have the gift of a child, and how lucky I was to be able to have another one.  I remembered how excited Tillie was to have a brother.  I remembered how much my heart grew when I had Calvin.  I remembered all the amazing and happy parts of adding a baby to the mix.  I remembered that life did change, but for the better.
Then I stopped crying, held my big babies, and was grateful.

Welcome to my life.  I'm an emotional roller coaster.  You should know that by now (whether I'm pregnant or not). 
(and do you love how Tillie is squeezing Cal's nose in that last one? sheesh, the things that kid puts up with...)

Oh, and did I fail to mention that the ultrasound lady said that we're having a BOY??

More to come, as always.

And now you know.


Tyler and Erin said...

That is just so wonderful!! Congrats! So so happy for you.

emily snyder said...

hooooooray!!!!!!!!! i am sooo excited that we get to tell everyone!!!

i LOVE your thoughts. i love the sweet reality of the miracle of each of these sweet babies.

i can't wait to meet baby wood #3!

Becky said...

That is so exciting...and all the feelings are normal! It's the weirdest trial a mom goes through when she remembers how hard and happy and little newborn is, I've there been there Melissa and rooting for you!! You are so awesome and I admire you!

Kelsey Shelley said...

Congrats!!!! That is SOOO exciting! And another boy? YAY!!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. The tears are totally justified! I would too - both for the nerves and the joy!

Mandi said...

We are thrilled for your family! If anyone can handle 2 toddlers and a newborn, it is you. . . tears totally permitted.

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! You are going to be a great mother of three! I am so excited for you. And another boy?! How fun. Another little buddy in the house! I tell you what, having three kids definitely changes things, but you will love it too. I have my days where I wonder "what was I thinking", well lets be honest they are more like little moments everyday. But the majority of the time I just love it. My hard times of day, morning and dinner time, but those were hard before our cute little Stella came along, so really it isn't so bad. In fact, we kind of, really love it! You can do it! And you can know that you can always talk to me if you want to talk. Love your guts! Congrats!

Jenni said...

That sounds like how I would react!! Congratulations!!

Kristen said...

You sneak for hiding it so long! I am so excited for you. You're going to have 3!! The 3rd one is pretty awesome I must say. Don't fret.

Jennifer said...


Ailee said...

Oh my goodness I am so happy for you! You're a wonderful mother and I am just thrilled. Congratulations! Baby Wood #3 is one lucky child to be born into your home.

Anonymous said...

Your two kids are very adorable & have jolly look & very sweet smiles.


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