Monday, May 10, 2010

double swaddle.

So, Cal is a big time swaddle lover.
If you remember back to when Tillie was a wee lass, we swaddled her the same way (the Aussie method).
Anyway, we thought it would be funny to swaddle the two "babies" side by side.
Tillie was a fan.
For a minute.
Then she was over it.
And, performed a Houdini-esque escape.

Here's the two of them for that magical moment.


**On another note, you'll never believe who posted Cal's birth story? Remember the infamous "Design Mom"? Yes. She did. I emailed her the post a while back, on a whim. I figured, I just wrote it all down and maybe someone can benefit. Why not?
Forgot all about it. Then saw it this morning on my Google Reader. hA!

I originally recorded it all for one of my best friends, Rachy. She had a nightmare c-section and I wanted to show her how great they can be.

Who knew that Gabrielle aka The Design Mom would really post it on her blog? Nuts.

Anyway, here's the link if you want to see it on the big time blog.

**Aaron's darling cousin wanted me to create a print from this quote she found from Marvin J. Ashton. Here's what we came up with. Don't you love this quote? (it's a little blurry via flickr, sorry).

Picture 28

**Oh, and one more thing, if any of you happen to have recollections about the "What's More American than...?" Song---please let me know. So far, the house is STILL divided over the matter. And, I am shocked more of you aren't on MY team about the wording!?! We'll get to the bottom of this... eventually.


Holly said...

Hi Melissa! I saw your post on DesignMom and recognized you from high school. I had no idea you have gone on to such wonderful things with your family and life. Congratulations! I just wanted to say hi. Holly Morgan Scherbel

bryce and sarah said...

Dude! How's it hangin? Remember how much trouble we'd get in for saying that? Ha!
Sorry I missed the original post, but I have always sung the song with the word "DAY" - I know it might not make great sense in context but I've always been cooky about singing the right lyrics, and THAT'S WHAT I WAS TAUGHT!

Let's give each state a DAY!

Aubrey said...

Random blog sighting of your fabric! -
I don't know this girl but she does the cutest crafts, so I kinda blog stalk her. :) I thought you might like some of her stuff, since you're crafty & all.

Tiff and Chris said...

Love the quote and the print. Awesome to have a doctor in the house-congrats! So, I was listening to the music videos at the end of the next post...kinda wonderful!!! I love it-in fact, I have sat here for the last few minutes listenig to other songs of theirs. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shaela said...

I love "design mom" i read her a lot. You are famous. Love your swaddled babes too. Jameson loved to be swaddled and we did it for like a year... so funny. He still doesn't move around much in his sleep and I think it is because he was used to being bound up :). Love the quote too. You are up to all kinds of good stuff these days. miss you guys

Leslie said...

Great quote, great picture too! Gavin just barely "wiggled" out of the swaddling phase, almost made me cry!!


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