Thursday, November 19, 2009

it's about that time...

Well, it seems like all signs point to Christmas... and soon!

Yes, yes, we still have Thanksgiving next week (which we're pretty excited about around here), but I must admit, I MAJORLY LOVE CHRISTMAS. all of it. the music (especially love this), the shopping, the decorating, the parties, the reflection, the wrapping... all of it. it's all heaven.

So, my mom was in town this past weekend, and we got some GREAT organizing done. She and Aaron are both SO proud of all the things that I was able to get RID of! I'll take pictures later, b/c I want to show it all in it's FINISHED form. I still have to take down old pictures and put up new frames with cowboy images in them... b/c yes, we now have a spot for our little Texas cowBOY. Not just a spot, pretty much a ROOM too.

Remember what it USED to look like (see below)? Well, get excited for new pictures soon.

We completely moved out my desk (which is currently listed on Craigslist) and folding table and found a big stash of cowboy print fabric that I happened to have in my box (no idea when I got it or WHERE I got it)... but we're transforming the room into a little cowboy's retreat.

---Anyway, back to Christmas fun. My mom and I were at the UPS store the other day and while she was inside I saw a lady come out of the store with a bright red christmas sweat-shirt and beautiful silvery-white-bob-length hair. I thought, wow, she looks like a modern day Mrs. Claus. Intrigued, I watched her get into a big TEXAS sized edition of a Chevy truck. Which just so happened to be GREEN. Looking over to see who the driver was, I opened my mouth and gasped! The man who I assumed to be her husband had a MEGA long white beard and long white hair----with a RED PLAID shirt on, no less! THEN! I saw a little stuffed Santa Claus in their front window above the dashboard....

At this point my mind was racing! Could this really be Mr. and Mrs. CLAUS... in the flesh!?! I mean, they WERE, afterall, leaving the UPS store!?!

Then, the ultimate happened. As they were pulling away I glanced at their license plate. TOY MAKR !!!! Seriously. True story. I saw Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. It was awesome. I was totally freaking out and poor Matilda had no idea why!! I can't believe my mom was IN the store the whole time! She would have died too!!!

So, there you have it. You may have THOUGHT that they lived in the North Pole... and maybe they normally do, but it looks like they are staying in Texas. San Antonio to be exact. Maybe they are here for Thanksgiving?? Who knows. All I know is I AM EXCITED!!! :)

What to do with all this excitement? Spend FAR too long on this site, "elf-ing" ourselves. Tillie practiced LONG and HARD doing these moves. And, unfortunately, Aaron got a big crick in his neck. But, kept a smile on the WHOLE time. What a big boy! So proud. Feel free to watch the show.

Ahhh... good times at the Wood house.


alpineavery said...

I wish you could have gotten a picture of all the Christmas excitement you were able to see. What a great story!!! Can't wait to see you!!!

Rebecca Snyder said...

Excellent! I knew that Matilda had great moves. The best is when her and aaron touch bums a little bit.

Sarah said...

Yes, melimba, there is a santa claus


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